April 29, 2003

Skeet House

Just come back from a really fantastic weekend at Skeet House. A big thank you to Karen Kemp for organising it. We all had a great time doing many things.
'What is Skeet House?' many people ask. Well in the words of Howard Robinson. 'It is a big derelict house; paint peeling off the walls; no television; sit around in a room all day on the most uncomfotable furniture; sometimes talk; occassionally someone gets up to make a cup of tea; sleep in uncomfortable beds in a room with other people who snore and fart. Lay the tables; wash up afterwards'. Couldn't really sell that in a holiday brochure but we love it there and the kids love it there.
Skeet Kids.jpg
Skeet Kids

The weather cheered up and we went outside to play some games.
more basketball
Joelle playing basketball

Carls jO lOL.jpg
Fun outside

Although we had to wash up we enjoyed mealtimes.

and again

After lunch we had fun with the parachute.
Jaimie under the parachute
fun with the parachute
more fun with the parachute
and yet more fun!

Izzys parachute.jpg

Later in the evening the children organised a talent show-boy what talent. The audience were glued to their seats!

The audience
There were a variety of different acts all of a very high standard.
Emma as Ann Robinson
Joel as the cheating cougher
The Puppy Love Singers
The magician

After a night of giggling and not much sleep (that was the adults not the kids) another day of fun began.
in the fort.jpg
The Assault Course
Not everyone was full of beans!
Hard at work!
Playing tennis
friends together

Our Leader Karen
Thanks to you all.

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Pictures from Holmfirth

Finally the pictures arrived. I know it's quicker to use the digital camera but this one takes a good photo. So for those who remember Dani, Hari and me from the early 80's, here we are reunited in Yorkshire.

Hari, Dani and Flat Stanley
Those hours walking were spent laughing and remembering people, places and the things we got up to!

Hari and Me
Dani and Me

Look at this view

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April 22, 2003


Heard on the news this morning that S Club are splitting up - highly amusing, the last concert I went to was Steps -they split up the day after! So if you hate a band - send me to see them!!!!

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April 21, 2003

S Club United

Last night I took the girls to see the S Club United concert. We went with some friends and drove to the London Arena. We had very good seats. The average age of the audience was probably nine and I really felt old! The concert started with the S Club Juniors. It was good to see Jay on stage (but a little scary to think that he is only the same age as Joelle and leading a very adult life). S Club came on after and hour and didn't seem to be on as long as the Juniors.
I have to admit I spent a lot of time looking at my watch! It took 1 hour to get out of the car park and if I hadn't been amused by my own children and Zoe and Matthew Kemp I probably would have lost my temper or had a panic attack.
On the way home I said to the girls "remind me NEVER to go to one of these concerts again!"

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April 19, 2003

All Girls Day!

Had a great day today. Went up to town with mum and met my cousins from Israel. (Bev, Suzanne and their mum Lorna and their friend Dana). Very cultural. We walked around the Wallace Collection and had a very elegant lunch together. Made even better because we were given a bottle of champagne (because we complained about the service).
So lovely to see Suzanne and Bev we always seem to carry on where we left off. I only wish I could see them more often.

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April 17, 2003

Holidays at an end!

Well, I am finally coming to the end of my school holiday. Sadly I only get to spend a few days with the girls.
For the last few days I have felt like a Balebuste (Yiddish expression meaning excellent homemaker!) I have cleaned the house many times a day (because I can). I have cooked and prepared the Seder meal (passover meal) and cared for my husband, children and grandaughter. (I even managed some minor sewing repairs).
I love the traditions of the Jewish festivals and enjoyed celebrating Seder night with the family. The only thing that clouded the evening was the fact that my dear mother-in-law was not with us. Thursday week ago she fell and broke her hip and is now in Barnett General Hospital. She was not good tonight when we visited and this makes me feel very sad.

seder night 2003.jpgsmall.jpg
Family at the Seder

Vicky and Charlotte at the Seder

The weather has been lovely and it was good to see the children play in the garden. By children I mean Lol !
Lol teaching Carly and Jaimie drill

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April 16, 2003

Musical Challenge JLGB

On March 30th The Harris Girls, along with the rest of Redbridge Jewish Lads and Girls Brigade Band, took part in the Brigade's Musical Challenge. This was a competition that comprised of different sections. Tradditional marching, inspection, ensemble and concert band. Although Redbridge did not win any of the sections we thought they were superb.
band with Flat Stanley.jpg

Have a look at some more photos.
The Drummers


Jaimie and Carly

The Band


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April 15, 2003

Staff Netball Match

At the end of term we had two netball matches. One against Form IV (year 6) and one against the parents. It was a fun day and the Form IV team played really well as we won one game, lost another and drew one game. The parents we beat, but it proved to be very tough (As I can tell you through injury!!!!!).
Have a look at some more pics.
The match
Cathy with the ball

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April 13, 2003

London Marathon

Well done Carly who ran the London mini marathon for Redbridge today. She has been raising money for Haven House which provides short-term respite care for children with severe life-limiting conditions and hospice care for terminally ill children and their families.
Carly finish marathin small.jpg
A big well done to her friend Liam Stein who also ran for Redbridge.
Liam and Carly
They both finished before Paula Radcliffe ! who beat her own world record.
Paula Radcliffe

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April 10, 2003


Going to give Perry his own section. This is because as a young girl he played a very big part in my life. We both used to pretend we were in the MGM movies and used to fight over who would be Judy Garland! We made some funny films together, the one that sticks in my mind the most -"The Great Bike Robbery". This film involved all the children in the street (Alex, Andrew, Anthony and Adrian to name but a few) chasing the theif on their bikes, while I was an opera singer in the street!. Bizarre but we enjoyed our childhood. Perry made us all sign a contract so that we could come out to play whenever he wanted.

Whenever I left home (having had an argument) there was one place I went to and that was Perry's house with his dear mum Anita. It was like a second home.
Perry was a born entertainer, I don't get to see him much because he entertains the world on cruise ships. I often receive an e-mail from some exotic country.
This picture came from the cover of his album "The Perry Grant Collection".
Perry's album cover

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Old Friends

Most of my old friends were made while I was a memebr of the Jewish Lads and Girls Brigade (JLGB) Some of them I still see. Some of them I have met up again recently with as our children have joined the brigade. To name a few - my old officer Jan Bloomfield. Girls I shared a tent with Melanie Karbaron and Stacey Silver.
Look at these photos from summer camp at Deal 1980. This one is of Melanie Stein (Karbaron) Michelle (can't rememeber from Liverpool-Cohen I think) and me Mel, Michelle and Laura
This is from the same camp during the march past at open day. March past

My good friend Laura Blaskett went to live in Boston USA. I have managed to visit her there a few times and of course e-mail has meant that we have been in touch regularly.This photo is from camp 1979 at Deal and show Laura Blaskett, myself and Jan Wright from Glasgow. Laura B Me and Jan from Glasgow

Fiona was one of the first friends I had at JLGB and we spent some good times together. We don't see much of each other now but still stay in touch.
This photo was taken by Alan Geisler in 1976 (I still see Alan and have ended up working with Gill Geisler)
Laura and Fiona

Have just recently got in contact with my very old school friend Diane. We had great times together at school and then we lost touch as Diane travelled the world. I'm pleased to say we have now found each other and hope to meet up soon, although we often chat on MSN messenger. Diane has promised to send some old photos. Here is one I have found including Diane and some old friends.
Also on this picture is my friend Alex who used to live over the road. Alex and I have recently been in touch. As have Hilary and I who will always remain friends. My 12th birthday party

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April 09, 2003

Dani and Hari

Two lovely friends that I made in 1981. We were always at each others homes despite the fact they lived in Liverpool and I lived in London. We saved every penny to get on that train between Lime Street and Euston.
Finally after about 18 years we were all re-united. I went to stay with Dani , who now lives with her lovely family in the Yorkshire Dales (Holmfirth- made famous by Last of the Summer Wine.) Hari came over for the day and we spent the day laughing and being reminiscent about our wild youth. Look out for photos but for now here are some from 1981
Dani and Laura 1981

From Camp 1982
praying to Mordi camp 1982 Whatever happened to Mordi?
This picture is from 1982 and shows Dani, Hari, Danny Dresner, Nigel Ison and Robert Lipson at camp.
Liverpool gang
This picture is for Dani's little girl Beth, who loves fairies.

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April 08, 2003

Howard and Karen

Two very good friends. I have know Howard for 22 years and Karen for about 14. Karen I have become very close friends over the last couple of years as we share the same bizarre sense of humour. We have spent weekends away at Skeet House with them and this year will be the second time we have all driven to the South of France together. We enjoy spending time with them and their lovely children Zoe and Matthew.
This picture is from the London Eye. December 2001
Harris and Kemp
Karen really moaned about this picture so I had to find another one. This is not very clear because I had to scan it. It shows Howard, Karen. Zoe and Matthew and Howard's parents Jackie and Ron. I class Jackie and Ron as family as I have known them for 22 years.
Kemp family
This picture is of Carly, Matthew and Jaimie - taken in the South of France 2001

Carly, Matthew and Jaimie

Karen and I can be found chatting on yahoo messenger most evenings.
Karen and Laura

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