May 31, 2003


Why can't I study when I want to? Why does my brain feel like mush? Why do I read the same chapter 3 or 4 times and still not get anything out of it? Why have I got to reference everything with a quote? Why can't it just be written for its own sake?
Why don't I have a glass of wine and watch the television - I think I will!

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Weather is Good -still!

As the weather was so good today, we decided to dust down the table and chairs. We got out the old toys and Nick, Vicky
and Charlotte popped round. No-one is too old to play in the garden!
char jo swing 2.jpg

Joëlle on the swing and Charlotte pushing!

Carly decided to try out the old tractor!
Jaimie Pogoed!
Charlotte played.

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May 30, 2003

A Day in Southend

As the weather was good Jo, Jai and I decided to go to Southend. It was a day for all. Shopping, walking on the pier and time for a play at Adventure Island (formally known as Peter Pans.)

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May 28, 2003


It is amazing, your friends go away and no longer do you receive a postcard with a picture of their hotel. No, you get a quirky e-mail!!!
Thanks Howard and Karen
- have been twiddling my thumbs in the evenings with no-one to talk to. Have a great holiday. Ha ha ha ha

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May 26, 2003

'A Day in Bembridge' IOW

Well mum and I went to collect Jaimie from the Isle of Wight. She was not feeling well and wanted to come home. The sun was shining and we had a good journey to Portsmouth. We then took the Fast Cat over to Ryde. Tracy and Jaimie met us. We drove to Bembridge and walked aroud the Street Market. After that Peter wanted to get some worms from the beach so we all went to the beach together. The weather was great and we felt like we were on holiday. Then it was back to their house for tea.
Thanks Peter, Tracy and Andrew for having Jaimie and giving us a good day out. Thanks mum for the journey home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is Nick and Vicky's 7th Anniversay -happy day to you both.

n AND v.jpg

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May 25, 2003


Just spoke to Jaimie and she was so tearful. I have a feeling I will be driving to Portsmouth tomorrow and getting the fast cat over to Ryde. Not like her to be like this.

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May 24, 2003


It's so quiet here without Jaimie. She has gone to the Isle of Wight with her friend Andrew. I spoke to her tonight and she told me that they have both been swimming in the feezing cold sea!!! They both have terrible colds!!
I think she misses us. We miss her.

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May 22, 2003

Happy Birthday Jaimie!

Happy 12th birthday today to my youngest daughter Jaimie. I can't believe twelve years have gone by since I had that tiny little thing.

premmy jai.jpg
Jaimie seven weeks old

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May 21, 2003

Time of Year!

It has come to that time of year again. I love the summer term. Sports day, school outings, walks to the duck pond and outside play. All of that is great. Prize-giving, end of term assemblies are also enjoyable. I hate losing my class that I have nurtured and tamed. I have grown fond of them all, they are funny, loveable, hateful, annoying and sweet. Mostly they are a credit to their parents.
I usually dread the first week in September but the class I have got coming up are lovely and I have already formed a bond with some of them.
I also hate writing reports!!!!! which is what I should be doing at the moment.

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May 19, 2003

Just a thought

I have often wondered why Lol has been so drawn to Woodford County High School. Then it came to me..............It was the first place we ever set eyes on each other in about May 1985 at a JLGB netball tournament. I won't tell you what I thought of him! He of course fell in love with me there and then. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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May 18, 2003

WCHS Summer Fair


It was the annual summer fair for Woodford County High today. Laurence works very hard all year to try to raise money for the school. When the French market cancelled during the week we thought it would be a disaster. However the rain held off for most of the day and hopefully we managed to raise some much needed money for the school. Well done to all those people who helped.
I ended up working on the bouncy castles for 5 hours. A bit like a "Busman's Holiday"!

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May 13, 2003

"I'm a Teacher Get Me Out Of Here"

This terms topic is about the Rainforest. The children have helped build a Kapok tree in the classroom. We used paper mache, then painted it. The children made the leaves and the trunk and we made hanging vines.
kapok tree.jpg
Megan and Matthew under the Kapok Tree

We talked about the different layers of the rainforest.

Have a look round the different wall displays from Transition Class.
Beautiful Butterflies.

The Flat Stanley Wall Display.

Rumble in the Jungle.

Finally our Spring Wall Display.

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May 10, 2003

Format of this page

I have been working hard to give this blog page an interesting format. It is not always easy. I am not sure how much I do myself and how much my brother secretly helps me?
Well just got and e-mail from Neil -he says he hasn't touched it. So I AM clever!

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Another Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my lovely, special Daddy.

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May 09, 2003

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday today to my lovely, special Mummy.

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May 07, 2003

Mum Harris Home!

Hooray -she's home. Hope she will manage. Welcome home Mum H.

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May 05, 2003

Good Luck

Good luck to my dear Lol who is starting work tomorrow. Well for a couple of days a week. Time to brush of the suit and polish the shoes. I'm very proud of you honey.


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Bank Holiday

Had a really good weekend. Went to Kevin's 40th Staurday night. It was a great evening. I was amazed how many people I knew. It was great to chat about the old days at Churchfields. We've not done anything much really, just been chilling about the house. Seems to take the whole weekend and more to dust, hoover and iron!! No time to shop - but thanks to the Internet shopping on-line has made our lives a little easier.
Nick, Vicky and Charlotte came round for tea today. She is so cute especially with her 'pretties' (bunches) in her hair.

Charlotte in bunches.jpg1.jpg

Charlotte and Jo

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