June 26, 2003

Bekonscot Model Village

“It is said that in every one of us something of the child remains and perhaps it is the child’s love of models and miniatures that lies at the heart of Bekonscot’s appeal.” (Bekonscot brochure –Jarrad Publishing 1999)


Thursday 26th of June I took my class (along with other willing members of staff)
to Bekonscot model village. This is the second year running I have done this and it was even better this year. The weather was hot and sunny and the children were a credit to the school and their parents. The journey was a little over the hour and I had no “I want the toilets” or “Are we nearly there?” I only had one “I feel sick” and that was very short lived. The village was fantastic, the model train was brilliant, the playground was fun and picnic and toilet facilities first class. The gift shop arranged goodie bags so we did not have to suffer the long queues and they did not have to suffer us!
Well worth a visit.

lunch 1.jpg

villqage from high.jpg

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June 25, 2003

Photos from Assembly

Look at this lovely photo ahhhhhhhhhhhh....

assembly nice.jpg

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June 22, 2003

Good Food, Good Weather and Old Friends!

What a great afternoon. We went to see old JLGB friends Alyson and Louis. Aly was celebrating her 40th and they were both (with their lovely daughters Hannah and Ella) celebrating moving into their new home. The weather held out and I met up with friends from yonder year!. Judy Levine from Leeds. I last saw her in about 1981. Also it was good to see Carolyn and Amanda (Alyson’s sisters) as well as her mum and dad. What a great afternoon full of fun, good food and rekindling old friendships. Thanks Alyson and Louis.

Aly and Ella.jpg
Alyson with Ella

Judy levine and laura.jpgsmall.jpg
Judy, Sammy and Me

Camp 1981 (Judy in the red shorts and t shirt. Me with the red hair!) Carolyn on the far left.

Joëlle and Jaimie came with and also had a good time.
Plate Spinning
Chatting to people

Louis hiding in the gazeebo !

balloon girl.jpg
Balloon Girl!

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June 20, 2003

Transition’s Assembly

Well, what can I say? I am so proud of my class today. They were a credit to the school, their families and their teachers. No one let himself or herself down. They were superstars. How brave to stand up in front of the infant classes and their parents to recite poems, sing songs and remember previously learned speeches. Considering we had only rehearsed through once. A big thanks goes to Janet Buscell who was our pianist. It was lovely to see so many parents and grandparents and thank you to all 0f them for staying to look around the 'Rainforest Classroom’.

kapok tree.jpgsmall.jpg

layers of the rainforest.jpg

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June 18, 2003

Sports Day

Yesterday it was our Sports Day! First of all I was put on gate duty with Gill Geisler. Yes our Brigade training DID help. We managed to turn away 12 cars (parents had been told not to part in the tennis club grounds). We also got 3 Land Rovers moved and one Mercedes. These were parked very inconsiderately over people’s driveways.
Then the races started. The children behaved well and so did the staff. The co-ordination was slick. We managed to get through nearly all of the infant races before the deluge. Yes we did get wet! The staff that walked the children back to school were soaked. Amanda, Cathy, June Gabrielle, some Form IV children and myself were drenched as we put away the equipment. We had to go home to change!
Unfortunately the Junior Sports day was cancelled and has been re planned for July 1st. Good luck Juniors with the weather and the races!

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June 15, 2003

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers day to my very special Daddy. I love you very, very, much.


My children's father................

and my grandaughter's father........

and to all fathers everywhere.

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June 11, 2003

Tag Rugby Festival

One of the perks of being a rugby coach I suppose is to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air. I certainly did that today when I took the Avon House Tag Rugby team to Ilford Wanderers pitch. Redbridge Sports Development Department had arranged for a Tag Festival that meant myself and Steve (Ferrari) could enjoy the sun whilst cheering on the team. Unfortunately we did not win; we had to encounter some rough schools. A big thank you goes to Wells Primary School (our friends and neighbours) for giving as the best match this afternoon. We hope to have some training days with them in the near future.

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June 08, 2003

Anniversaries and Un-anniversary

Very happy 45th wedding anniversary to my dear Mum
and Dad and also to my friend Howard’s parents Jackie and Ron.
I hope they have a great trip to Southwold.
A very happy un-anniversary to Howard and I. Seventeen years of not being married!!!!
Just as well otherwise we probably would not be friends and I would not have had such a dear friend as I do in Karen.

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June 07, 2003

'Ladies Wot Lunch'

How pleasant to enjoy a civilised lunch with friends. Melanie, Karen and I had a long leisurely lunch today at a nice little restaurant called Tuscany in Loughton.
Makes a change from beans on toast on a Saturday or school dinners during the week.
How nice.

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June 01, 2003


When I was young I used to recite in the mirror the whole film of Fiddler on the Roof. I thought this was an affliction I would never need to tell anyone about! I have now shared my secret with hundreds of others tonight. I feel like I have been to ‘Fiddler on the Roof Anonymous’. I went with Gill Geisler and a whole crowd of people to Sing-along-a Fiddler. It was a chance to sing the script, sing the songs and heckle. Not only that 10000 was raised for Norwood Ravenswood, which was superb. Unfortunately after the wedding scene it finished! I suppose the film went downhill after that and there was only sad bits and naff songs. Oh it was great to be amongst the other saddos!


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Why does inspiration always come in the middle of the night? Now I have sleep deprivation but have written an assignment with good quotes linked to it.
Roll on next weeks task. I'm ready now!

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