July 25, 2003

And Yet More Good News!

My brother Neil has just got a new job. He is going to be the IT Manager at World Entertainment News Network.

Well done Neil and good luck.


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July 22, 2003

JLGB Awards

What a lovely evening of awards at Redbridge Band JLGB. Well done to JoŽlle, Jaimie and Carly for their promotions. A big well done to Carly, who won the “Senior Commitment” shield jointly with Darryl Levenson.

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July 21, 2003

"Yo here comes the Judge"

Yay -Its official we can now tell…… so Karen says. The reason for the party was that our dear friend Howard has been appointed District Judge at Ilford County Court. Well done Howard. We wish you all the luck in the world. We look forward to watch you being "sworn in" on August 1st.
Go Howie!!!!!


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July 20, 2003


Congratulations and mazel-tov to my darling Lol. Exam results arrived and he…………….PASSED.

Lol graduation.jpg

Great party at Howard and Karen's last night - I'll tell you about the reason for that another time.

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July 17, 2003

Year 7 Awards Evening

This evening we attended our first awards evening at Davenant Foundation School. It was a wonderful evening full of celebration for the whole of year 7.

Jaimie's award was :- for Excellent Effort Across the Curriculum

Awards at Davenant

The hall was musty, very ordered.
We chose a seat around the border
Hoards arrived and thus were seated
Rows of children finally completed.

Shirts so white, pressed and starched
Shoes were shiny and fit for a march.
Ties done up right to the top
Some felt their eyes were ready to pop.

Mr Etheridge spoke, he’s head of year
He told us when to clap and cheer.
Each name was read, each parent proud
When the name was heard
They applauded so loud.

So well done the children of Davenant school
Your spirit and tenacity is a lesson for us all.
In all that you learn or think and muse
It will help you decide which path you may choose.

L.K.Harris 2002

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July 13, 2003

"Music in the Grounds"

Last night was a lovely evening spent relaxing in the warm summer sun, listening to lovely music, whilst eating a picnic and drinking wine in the company of friends and family.
“Music in the Grounds” was the vision of my dear Lol to raise money for Woodford County High School (the grounds of which we were in). The New Redbridge Wind Orchestra played the music to begin. Of course they were excellent as my dear friends Howard and Karen play for them (they are a credit to the band!!!). The band that followed was the Les Leader Band (jazz). They were also good but thy moaned a lot about the failing light. All in all it was a wonderful evening with perfect weather and perfect company.

music in the grounds 1.jpgabbbbb.jpg
Picnic in the grounds

NRWO 2.jpg
The New Redbridge Wind Orchestra

les leader band.jpg
The Les Leader Jazz Band

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July 10, 2003

We broke up!

Finally, it happened. We broke up. It was an extremely exhausting day both emotionally and physically. It was so hot as well. I tried to stay detached and professional but the parents were crying and setting me off. I have had such kind things said to me today, and for that I am eternally grateful. I had one superb letter from a mother that means more to me than all the gifts. That I shall keep forever. This following poem sums up how I feel. (Apart from feeling totally knackered!)
Again, a great big thank you to my classroom assistants for all their help, support and humour this year.

In 2002 at the beginning of September
You came into my class, how well I remember.
Some of you were smiling and giggling a lot
Some were very quiet and a few tears I could spot
You came here to learn, to be taught how to read
You were then very much like a tiny new seed
You were all in my garden just waiting to grow
So this gardener got busy with her rake and her hoe
I fed you the water and let in the sun
You took in the soil, but we had only begun
Each day as I worked in this garden of mine
I saw you all growing so strong and so fine
Then finally one day I took a good look
And saw each of my flowers reading a book
It was obvious then that you had worked too
Soaking up all the food I had given to you
But although you have blossomed, you still need to grow
So I'll pass you on now to another gardener I know
She too has a rake and hoe she can use
And plenty of food from which you can choose
I hope you will keep your roots open wide
Take in all her food and keep it inside
Yes, a gardener can work all night and all day
But the flower must be willing to take in each ray
So work very hard in your garden each year
Do the best you can and you'll have nothing to fear
Grow strong and tall, reach up for the sun
Stay as nice as you are and have lots of fun.

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July 08, 2003

Feeling Reflective!

Transition is Best
Yes, I teach Transition.
Where else would a handsome and very young man put his arms around me and ask, "Do you know that I love you?"
Where else could I wear the same dress day after day and be told each time that it is pretty?
Where else could I walk up and down the room and have warm hands touch me?
Where else could I have the privilege of wiggling loose teeth and receive a promise that I may pull them when they are loose enough?
Where else would the future look as bright as it does amid an energetic group to whom nothing is impossible?
Where else could I guide the first letter formations of a chubby little hand that may some day write a book or an important document?
Where else could I forget my own aches and pains because of so many cut fingers, scratched knees, bumped heads and broken hearts that need care?
Where else could I forget interest rates and even "the state of the country" because “Philip” isn't grasping reading as he should and other methods must be tried?
Where else would my mind have to stay so young as with a group whose attention span is so short that I must always keep a "bag of tricks up my sleeve"?
Where else could I feel so close to my Maker as I do each year when, because of something I have done, little children learn to read?
Yes, I do teach Transition,
And I love it!

(Adapted from) Mrs. Janet Gorell Meyer

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July 05, 2003

Form IV's Farewell Bash

Well this was the start of the emotional week. I went to Form VI’s party tonight (our Year 6). What a lovely “do”. There was plenty of food and drink. We had our final rugby scrum on the dance floor. The boys have been great as a rugby team; real gentlemen and I have been very fond of them. I wish them luck in their new schools and wait for the next tearjerker on Wednesday at the farewell assembly.


Avon house rugby team, you’ve been great chums
You’ve got a bit dirty when you joined in the scrums.
Joe is the captain and Luca scrum half
Harry, and co always having a laugh.

We won the match at Coopersale Hall
We swept the boards at Brentwood School
The tournament at Bancroft we did our best
Tim got sent off and had to rest

We had Eli and Alfie both on the team
Mrs Harris on the touchline ready to scream
Mr Ferrari came too, he drove the bus
We mustn’t forget Philip he’ll make a fuss

There were of course those boys from Form III
They’ll get a poem next year from me
I wish you all luck as you go on your way
Many more years of rugby to play.

L.K.Harris ©2003

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July 04, 2003

This Hand I Hold

Well it happened today. My new class arrived for a visit. The majority come from my dear friend and colleague May, the rest from anywhere. I don’t look forward to it I find it quite stressful. Maybe that is because I really don’t like change. No need to worry they were a champion lot, a few characters shone through and even the parents were friendly. Phew, that’s over.
I count myself lucky. Two minutes after May's children arrived one vomited everywhere!
I missed my lot and I was very happy when they returned for lunch.

This Hand I Hold
This hand I hold I touch it now
For all eternity,
And the knowledge that I share
I give from you to me.
In hope that all you do and say
Reflects the lessons learned,
And all the awards that you receive
Are ones that you have earned.
I am your present teacher
And your true friend,
But when the year is over
My thoughts of you won't end.
For in my dearest memory
Forever you will be,
And when you go I hope that you
Will take a part of me.
This hand I hold I touch it now
For all eternity,
And the knowledge that I share
I give from you to me.


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July 03, 2003

Happy Birthday Nick!

A very happy 30th birthday to my wonderful son Nick. Have a great day.


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July 01, 2003

"It's From the Old I Travel to the New"

Well, another event over. We managed to have the Juniors sports day today. The weather held off and we were even treated to a ray or two of sunshine.
Timetable meeting tomorrow, swap day Friday (swapping classes not anything else and having new children in for an hour.) Everything is done and dusted, culminating in the long awaited performance of "Oliver" by Form IV on Thursday evening and leavers Assembly next Wednesday.
Good luck Form IV it will be sad to see you go. The song we sing at the end of every year really makes me well up.
Good luck to my little class of lovelies.
Here is to the next academic year.
Thank you Claire and Alex (my two classroom assistants) for making it a great year.

One more step along the world I go,
one more step along the world I go;
from the old things to the new
keep me travelling along with you:
And it's from the old I travel to the new;
keep me travelling along with you.

Words: Sydney Carter

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