November 23, 2003

Happy Birthday Lol

A very happy birthday to my darling Lolly Lolpy. You are the love of my life.
Wishing you better after your kidney infection.


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November 21, 2003

House Drama Competition

Last night we had a lovely evening at Woodford County High School. It was the annual House Drama competition. Carly was in Higham’s House production of “The Lion King” Carly was Shenzi the Hyena. She was excellent and we were so proud of her especially when she won a certificate of merit for her performance.

carly hyena.jpg2.jpg

carly hyena.jpg

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November 12, 2003

A Visit to Albert Square, Walford

What a fantastic evening last night. Carly and I were invited by Sue Caplin (my friend) and Sam (Carly’s friend) to spend an evening on the Albert Square set with the Eastenders stars and more. We had got tickets but we were told it would be first come first served. So at 4 o’clock I scooted with Carly out of school. (not easy as Carly was laden with birthday pressies). We arrived at the set at about 5.30pm and stood in the queue. Oh I forgot to say. Carly and Sam had to look 18 to get in so we told them they had to wear make-up (something they both hate doing).
We started filming soon after that. It is going to be on Christmas Eve and it is a musical sing-a-long programme with old and new cast members as well as a host of other stars. We saw Lulu, Liberty X, loads of cast members who just mingled in with us on the set.

the voc.jpg
"The Vic"

It was quite a long, cold evening as we had a lot of retakes and singing to do.
The highlight of the evening for Sam and Carly was to meet Anthony from Blue.

carly sam and antony from blue.jpg
Carly, Anthony from Blue and Sam

Shane Richie is just as lovely in the flesh as he is on screen.
Shane Richie after he signed an autograph for Sam and Carly

carls and sam.jpg
Carly and Sam outside The Vic

Albert Square was smaller than it looked but it was great to be there.
Thank you Sue and Sam for letting us come with you.
By the way we wern't allowed to take photos..........whoops..........

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November 10, 2003

Sweet Sixteen

I am going to enter Carly's birthday today because we won't be around tomorrow. (I tell you about that another time).

When you have your 2 minutes silence think about Carly (She spent the first eight years of her life blieving that people wore poppies just for her!!!!)

A very happy birthday darling. We love you so much. Always be as happy and funny as you are now.


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November 09, 2003

Eating, Eating, Eating

Why is it , that when you are trying to loose weight you get a weekend of non stop eating and all of your willpower goes to pot!

1. Friday night dinner at Mum and Dad - Roast lamb followed by apple pie and custard. 10/10

2. Saturday lunchtime- Meet my friend Karen for lunch at Tuscany (The restaurant not the region in Italy!). Minestrone soup and pasta.

3. Saturday evening - Out with friends Melanie and Howard - Tiger Lil's - great place- choose your own raw ingredients and take it up to the sweaty man with the wok (I said Wok!) to cook it with a choice of lovely sauces and garnishes.

4. Sunday evening - Carly's choice (for her birthday) Wo Fats. Lovely Chinese cuisine.

Oh well diet starts on Monday......................................

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November 01, 2003

Half-Term Excitement

Well half term is over. I didn’t really get to do much apart from cleaning the house etc. The children have become independent and I am no longer needed to sit in the cinema with them. I am disappointed however because I really wanted to go an see “Finding Nemo” and will now have to wait for it to come out on DVD and video to watch with my class (I have cunningly planned “Under the Sea Topic” for the summer term).
I did one day stay in because I was waiting for the arrival of my new washing machine. Awful not to have a washing machine (I thought) but I quite enjoyed the couple of trips I had to the launderette. I was able to sit quietly and read a book!!!!
Well for those of you who read Carly’s Blog you will know that we had the arrival of “The Scottish Girls”. What a fantastic bunch of girls they are. VERY LIVELY from the moment I picked them up from Stanstead.

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