January 30, 2004

Hard Days Work!

snowball fight.jpg
Snowball fight

Nelson the Snowman and the Infant Department

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January 29, 2004

Snow Day

Well how exciting, I walked to school today. Everyone is really friendly and I felt quite exhilarated. Only five children turned up in my class, twenty or so children in the whole infant department. We had a great day, 45 minutes of playing in the snow, snowball fights and building a snowman. Then we made hot chocolate for everyone. Lunch was fun as well eating all together in one classroom. Myself, and a couple of colleagues, who live in Loughton left about two ish for the walk home.
The car is still snowed in at the bottom of Spring Grove. Carly and JoŽlle told me they are joining me for the walk tomorrow.

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January 28, 2004

White Out!

As I left school around 5o’clock this afternoon the snow started to fall. Then it came quickly and the roads were thick with it. It was quite a hairy journey home that finally ended at the bottom of the road. There was no way of getting up and the car in front had already skidded. It is during severe weather conditions and emergencies that people start to pull together. The man in the skiddy car was lovely, he told me not to drive and helped me park my car by the road. By this time there was about six inches of snow (on my new ski hat). Luckily I had decided to test out my new thermals and ski gloves. I finally made it home after dancing in the fresh snow in the middle of the road. Those who were looking out of the window must have found it quite amusing. Laurence arrived home after leaving work 2 Ĺ hours earlier.
Davenant is closed tomorrow, not really sure about the others it may be the bus… or I could start skiing practice!

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January 23, 2004

Well done Carls

Well done Carly . I am very proud of her she has worked so hard and had some really good results for her mock GCSE's.

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January 20, 2004

Ski Bum

Ok, I’m going skiing. I have been asked to go with the school on the annual ski trip. I said yes immediately, now I am worrying. Suppose I end up going round on the ski lift all day and suppose the kids pick up skiing quicker than I do?
Oh well, must get one pair on knees into shape. Watch this space!

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January 11, 2004

Omega 3

Being teacher who deals with children in the “Early Years”, a student of Early Childhood Studies and a mother of a child with severe ADHD I am always interested in new research and developments within the child development area. I have, over the last few months researched the effects of Omega 3 on the brain activity of young children. Omega 3 can be found naturally in oily fish such as salmon but as recent information tells us this is not safe to eat regularly.

My research was carried out mainly through the Internet and educational publications. In America researchers have found that children with low blood levels of essential omega-3 fatty acids, have a greater tendency to have problems with behaviour, learning and health consistent with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or (ADHD). This made my quest for information about Omega 3 more important.

Last Tuesday I sat down to watch “A Child of our Time” (BBC1 Tuesday 9.pm). Sir Robert Winston followed a few children who had taken omega 3 supplements for three month. The effect on their concentration and attention was remarkable and their ability to take on board information dramatically increased. That finally did it for me; off I went to Boots the Chemist and bought two bottles of Omega 3 for children. I am not saying that "J" will ever be able to come off her medication, but a build up of Omega 3 may make the days off medication easer to manage for her and others. It usually takes a month for it to get into the system, so far "J" has had two doses. I will keep you posted.

Meanwhile I think I will get myself Omega 3 capsules and try out the effects on my brain activity!

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January 09, 2004

2004 and child of the future

Well it's the New Year and back to school. It is a great term as far as the children are concerned. They have settled down and are on the whole, a very attentive class. This is amusing as I read back to my first week in September.
Just an amazing story I would like to tell you about. Yesterday I was reading a fiction story to the children it was about dinosaurs. In the story there was an earthquake, I stopped reading and asked the children if they knew what an earthquake was. After a few good suggestions I asked “K” a child who I believe is gifted. He is just five, a dear little boy in every way, he said “It is when the tectonic plates of the earth move”. I was quite astounded (I wasn’t really sure that I understood what he meant) I asked him if he could explain this to some of the children who did not understand (meaning me). He put his hands together to demonstrate and said “Well you see, the world is put together like a puzzle. The pieces have a slight gap in them and when there is an earthquake they move and sometimes separate”. He showed the children and he moved his hands in and out. The children understood (so did I, thank goodness). I felt that a few house points and stickers were in order and considered asking “K” to assist me in planning the science and topic lessons for the rest of the academic year.
He is truly a remarkable little boy. This is only one of many incidents involving his assimilation of general knowledge. He told me that he would like to be a scientist when he is older. I for one will watch out for him.

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