February 28, 2004

Ski Preparation

Well, work colleagues are putting me throught the paces. No longer am I allowed to sit in a chair in the staff room! I have to squat on an imaginary chair, back straight to the wall to strengthen my knees! It bloody hurts!
Yesterday was the first day that the ski group met together. We went to B for the first session of ski exercise (I have to admit, I spent most of the time telling the children how to do the exercises). One girl was sitting on the chair, I asked her what exercise that was and she replied, and “I am practising sitting on the ski lift”. I think I am going to enjoy this holiday. Oh well back to the wall………..

skelly skier.jpg

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February 26, 2004

Happy Birthday Bro!

Happy Birthday to my big bro Neil. Have a great day.


Also a big Hi to Callum. I promised to put him on the blog.So here goes.


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February 21, 2004

Animated Daughter

It has been brought to my attention the bizarre similarity between Carly and the animated character, Angela Anaconda!!!

Carly or Angela???

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February 14, 2004

Omega 3 Update

Well, after a month on Omega 3 “J” has shown marked improvement in behaviour. This is noticeable at 6.30pm when her usual medication wears off and we used to get what is called “rebound” behaviour. We have also noticed at the times she would usually loose her temper she is more in control. Lol and I have both noticed the change so we are sure it is not in our imagination. Will keep you posted.
Meanwhile I will also continue to take Omega 3

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