March 31, 2004

Hi All

Hi everyone. Miss you all. Especially you girls. xxxxx Look on school webpage for some photees. Love to Lolps and Mum and Dad and all.
Cant email but just to let you know I am LOVING the skiing.


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March 27, 2004


well this is it.I am off at 4.30am in the morning (lucky me the clocks go forward!!). I am hoping to update the school holiday page whilst I am away. I can't promise but keep looking.

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March 21, 2004

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my special Mummy. The best Mum in the whole world. I love you very much.
Thank you Mum and Dad for a wonderful evening last night at the theatre. We went to see Anything Goes, a glorious toe tapping feel good show.

xmas 2003 Nina.jpgsmall.jpg

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March 19, 2004

Nine Days to Go

Only nine days left.Last ski exercise class. The children have all made friends the team are bonding. We are going to try to update daily on the school holiday page. Try to look on School Holiday Page

Slalom Skiing

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March 14, 2004

Thank you everyone

Thank you all. I had such a wonderful day and evening yesterday. Thank you Lolps, Carls, Jo and Jai for being so wonderful. The same goes for Mum and Dad. All of my friends for being friends – don’t ever change I love you all.

The Morning After
I spent this morning at Whipps Cross GP centre. No I was not nursing a hangover. My asthma was really bad and I could hardly breathe. Hopefully a week of steroids and antibiotics will give me the boost I need to carry on (into my 40’s).

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March 13, 2004

Feeling 40!

Ok, so today I am 40. Everyone has told me it is only a number. Age has never bothered me before. That's obvious because the age difference between Laurence and myself has never been an issue. I have not been concerned at all about this milestone, until..........about 12.30 pm yesterday, when I was walking back from Bancroft (after dropping my car there for ski exercise). I was walking with a friend from work (who is approaching 4o this year) and suddenly became very miserable. This could have been because
a) My body was aching all over from the stupid fall I had the day before
b) My chest has been really wheezy since Monday
c) We are approaching the Ides of March

Well, that brief moment past very quickly as I arrived back at school. There was an urgent message that the Deputy Head wanted all of us. It was a serious message, my first thought was “what have we done to upset parents now?”. As I walked into the room the whole of the infant department had gathered and presented me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and some “vouchers”. What a lovely surprise, not something that usually happens, but they told me they didn’t want me to pass this milestone without marking the occasion. Spirits lifted I carried on thought the day (still aching and wheezing.)
This morning I was woken with a lovely birthday message from Mum and Dad and then delivering of cards and presents from the children who had been confiscating them from me during the week.
I am looking forward to a laugh and a giggle as I spend the day with my friend Karen at “Bluey” and look forward to the party tonight. Thank you everyone.

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March 09, 2004

Congratulations Carls!

Well done Carly! She has just been selected by Redbridge to run in the 2004 Adidas London Mini Marathon on Sunday 18th April. She secured her place by running on Sunday in the East London Mini Marathon coming in 8th for Redbridge.
This year she is raising money for Great Ormond Steet Hospital. All donations are welcome. Good luck Carly!


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