May 31, 2004

A Day in Essex

The weather was good and it was Bank Holiday so I ignored the lists below and Lol, Jo Jai and I went for a drive into Essex. (Poor Carly was working). WE had a lovely drive through some villages and finally stopped at Freeport Outlet Village, near Braintree. We had a lovely lunch there and after receiving messages from the Kemp’s and Delin’s we made out way through more villages to meet them in the beautiful Finchingfield.

Jai Lol and Jo in Finchingfield.jpg
Jai. Lol and Jo in Finchingfield

For more photos of Finchingfield look here

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May 30, 2004

Half-term and Busy!

Broken up for half term. This should be a time to relax, but all I can think of is what I need to do:-
1. Start writing reports for school
2. Do some work on the two modules for Uni
3. Sort the house out (cupboards and shelves)
4. Tidy up the garden
5. Do the ironing (again)
6. Plan for next half term and September
7. Sort out packing and stuff for Isle of Wight
8. Go shopping with the girls to sort out “batty outfits”

Aahhhhhhh why can’t I just chill out and read a trashy book, or have two weeks off?

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May 22, 2004

Happy Birthday Jai

A very happy 13th birthday to my darling Jaimie. Teenager today! Have a good one.

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May 16, 2004


Sometimes, on a lovley day like today I start wondering........ then I came upon this site and wondered even more!

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Always thinking

Always thinking about my Grandma Hettie. It would have been her birthday today.

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Quite Amusing!

Quite an amusing thing happened today I went out for lunch with my friend Karen (Scaramouche). We had a lovely walk along Loughton High Road and Karen decided to go and put her name down on the mailing list at HAART’s Estate Agency. We walked in and sat down at the desk and the woman asked if we were the couple looking for property. Hopefully it is just a sign of the times and well done to the woman who was very professional. On second thoughts sounds like quite a nice idea to set up home with Karen!!! Only for the fact it would save calling or Instant messaging daily!!!
Anyway after looking together at some details of a few properties we decided to have a quiet lunch at Gladleys.

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May 10, 2004

Happy Birthday Daddy

A very happy birthday to my lovely Daddy. Love you loads.xxxxx


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May 09, 2004

Happy Birthday Mummy

To my lovely Mummy. Have a great day. Relax and enjoy. You do so much for us and we love you so much.xxxxx


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May 02, 2004

Theatre night

We had a wonderful evening last night. All five of us went up to the west end to eat. We then went our separate ways. Carly JoŽlle and myself went to see Chicago and Laurence and Jai went to see The Rat Pack. Both performances were excellent. Well worth a trip.

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