August 31, 2004

Another GCSE winner!


We called school today and found that JoŽlle had got an A* for her IT GCSE which she took two years early. Well-done Jo we are so very proud of you . You worked so hard and deserved it.

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August 30, 2004

GCSE Results!

carl bikini.jpg2.jpg

I picked Carly up from Stanstead and resisted taking the pulsating envelope with me. Carly became manic in the car starting off with predictions of B's and C's which gradually went down to all D's and her working in WH Smiths full time (life could be worse). However when she arrived home she took the famous "brown envelope" into her room. It seemed to be silent for a good few minutes, I wasn't sure weather to speak or not. I heard a swear word and then I heard two swear words. Oh no, how would I comfort her if they were so bad?

No need to worry..... The out come of all her GCSE's 2A*'s 3A's and 5 B's. Well-done Carly we are so very proud of you.
She is gob smacked at the A* for Italian seeing as she only got one mark above a D in the mock. Just goes to show you that hard work pays off.

P.S watch here tomorrow, we should have JoŽlle’s IT GCSE result!

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August 28, 2004


Bocca beach.jpg
On la Bocca beach

Ok here are the rest of the photos

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France 2004!! A Holiday to Remember!

Having just arrived back from France I am not going to tell you about the fabulous time we had there. We had a TERRIBLE time. Apartment and location were lovely as usual but Laurence was very seriously ill. Too ill to be flown home and had to endure horrendous pain for a week. He was diagnosed with a problem in his bile duct and given antibiotics, scans and blood tests. The health service in France was wonderful. They would have taken him in to hospital but our first priority was to get home. Laurence visited the GP at home who said that he should have been given pethadine as a minimum pain relief and if the pain reoccurs before he sees the consultant on Wednesday we should not hesitate to dial 999 and get to hospital in an ambulance!!!!
Carly, JoŽlle and Jaimie were my rocks, a credit to both of us. Evenings were spent taking them out somewhere on the train as Laurence tried to rest in bed. Steve and Helen along with their family (who befriended us) became good friends and we would like to thank them.
Without a mobile phone I would have felt lonely and desperate so thank all of you who texted or called. Mum, Dad, Nick and Vicky, Neil, Karen and Howard ( who were at the time cruising around the Mediterranean), Carolyn and Debra. Those texts boosted me through the hot, lonely days – Thank you.
I will post the photos that we did take soon.

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August 10, 2004


As is has been raining for the last couple of days, we decided to give the theme parks a break. So we are just chilling around and about.

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August 07, 2004

Hot day out!

Couldn't write last night because I was too knackered! This is the second day I have spent at Thorpe Park this holiday with JoŽlle and two friends. We are trying to make use of our Tussaurd's annual passes (we got them from shopping in Tesco). Just the weekend to recover and then off to Chessington........wish me luck!

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August 05, 2004

Busy Day

JoŽlle and I had a very busy day to day. We met up with some old and new friends!

16 Simon and LKH.jpg
I am fed up with Simon being rude!

19 laura and Graham.jpg
Graham Norton and I had loads to catch up on

20 Jo and David.jpg
Jo and David Jason get on so well together

22 laura and Whoopie.jpg
Me and Whoopi laughed so much!

25 World Leaders.jpg
George and Tony decided there was only one true world leader!

23 Jo and the Hulk.jpg
Jo's friend went a bit green!

26 Jo and Sven.jpg
Sven decides JoŽlle is his new "Nancy"

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August 04, 2004

JLGB Summer Camp 2005

12 Band on Camp.jpg
Redbridge Band on Camp

I spent a lovely day in East Mersea, Essex with the JLGB on their annual open day. The weather was good and the displays were excellent. I was very proud of Carly as she was the trumpeter who blew the get on parade call in front of 350 campers and many parents. Well done Carly.

13 Band.jpg

14 get on parade.jpg
Carly doing the bugle call

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August 03, 2004

Paradise Wildlife Park

Yesterday I spent a lovely day with JoŽlle and my grandaughter Charlotte. We did our yearly visit to Paradise Wildlife Park. The weather was hot and we all had fun.

07 Picnic lunch.jpg
Picnic Time

06 Charlotte and the rabbits.jpg
Charlotte loved the rabbits

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August 01, 2004

Camp Departure!

This morning I took Carly off to Gants Hill to meet the coach to go to JLGB camp. The coach was due to leave at and there was another JLGB coach leaving at 10.45am. Of course, we did not expect the coach to leave on time, we always allow for JMT (Jewish mean Time). At 10.30 am there was no sight nor sound of the coach and the coach leaders decided to call the coach company…Guess what? The coach driver had driven more than half way to East Mersea (Where the camp is) before realising that he was meant to pick the children up from Gants Hill and deliver them to East Mersea Campsite. Meanwhile the 10.45 coach had arrived and the cases and children started to board. Finally the missing coach arrived….next problem…. too much luggage!!! So between the two coaches, the luggage was finally sorted and children loaded even if it was 1 hour 15 minutes late. The two coaches finally departed together.

Quote from one fed up father “It is a wonder the Jews ever got out of Egypt!”

I hope they all have fantastic camp and I will visit on Open Day, Wednesday (with the pile of clothes that could not be squeezed into the case!)

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