September 28, 2004


The consultant is moving Laurence to the London Independent tonight around 8pm. He will have a MRI scan tomorrow and will review the situation then. It looks like the gall bladder will be removed sooner than later. He is still "yellow".

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Whipps X by Night

This post to my blog was meant to be a happy anniversary message to Laurence. 18 VERY happy years together. However at 1 am this morning we had to take an emergency trip to Whipps X and I returned home at 6am having left Laurence there awating to be admitted. He was taken quite ill and was very sick. They were great there and saw to him immediately putting him on a pethadin drip and and injection to stop the sickness. He had gone a funny yellow colour that the surgeon said looked like an organic fed chicken! Jaundice, because the bile duct is not working correctly.
I'm going to bed but will update when I can.....Waiting for a bed and consultant.
Happy 18th anniversary my darling be healthy (I'll do without wealthy).

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September 19, 2004


How do you catch up 24 years in two afternoons? Well Sue Lester and I tried. Firstly, yesterday was filled with chat, gossip and laughter. Today husbands met and now I feel like we have never been parted. I have a new little friend called Josie (love ya Josie). Can't wait to see you again xxxxxx
Good luck Josie for the junior Great North Run next weekend.
Sue keep those e-mails coming and get onto msn!

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Week 2

Week 2 and all is still going well in the Transition classroom. The children are follwing the routines and enjoying work. Even lunchtimes are not too hectic.
Meanwhile back at home Laurence is recovering from his first operation - the removal of gall stones and will know this week when operation number 2 takes place.
All is quiet on the home front now Jaimie has bought her "Total 90's" . See Jaimie's Page for more on those!

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September 09, 2004

Transition 2004

Well, it is nearly the end of the first week back at school. Dare I say…….they seem a very nice class and are settling in well with very few tears in the mornings. The listening skills are very bad, but looking back to this time last year it seems normal. My new classroom assistant Kelly is also settling in and is a hard worker and along with Carol who has not been able to be my LSA(because I am again short staffed) has supported me in the day to day running of the class.

Laurence has to go into hospital for the first of two operations on Monday and I don’t really know if I am coming or going. I will try to keep up to date with this blog but feel knackered in the evenings

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