October 28, 2004

Half-Term...out and about

Jaimie spent a lovely day with mum on Tuesday. They went to Greenwich and looked around the maritme museum.
Today was my turn to go out with mum and we enjoyed our visit to Kensington Palace.

Outside Kensington

look here for photographs from both days.

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October 25, 2004

Tussaud's Re-visited

Making the most of the annual passes. I took Carly and Jaimie to Madame Tussaud's. As usual we had fun although I think they should let you wander around again rather than rushing you through the one way system!

small Watch out Gary Lineker.jpg
Watch out Gary Lineker!

Look here for more photographs.

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October 22, 2004

Half-Term and Alive!

Well, I managed to survive to half term. The hardest part is over, settling the new children in, bonding as a new team and teaching all new things and routines.
The children have really turned the corner and although they are a very young class they are keen to learn new things and are becoming better at listening. They particularly enjoyed making gingerbread men with Kelly yesterday. Well-done Kelly you can bake for me any time. Fantastic Kelly and Carole your first half term as a classroom assistants has been a great success.
I am looking forward to the Christmas concert and meeting all their parents properly next term.
P.S Laurence and I should be in Barcelona at the moment ....Oh well Loughton will do!

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October 19, 2004

JLGB Friends for Life!

I have had a great 5 days with my friend Jo who came down to visit from Glasgow with her daughter Jenny. Jo and I are old friends from JLGB days and Carly and her daughter Yvette became friends a few years ago at camp. Jenny and Jaimie started chatting on MSN and Jo thought she would bring Jenny down to meet Jaimie. We all had a fantastic time and were sad to see them go. We hope to visit them in Glasgow very soon.

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October 09, 2004

Enjoying Transition

What a lovely class I have. It usually takes me half a term to bond with them but this year it has been quicker. It is an unusual year group as 15 of them have August birthdays making them a very young year. Also there are 28 boys and only 12 girls!
We are still short staffed as Alex has taken half a terms leave to look after her father. I have had to build up a totally new team. Carole, Kelly and I have bonded well and are enjoying working together. The children are very funny and we often roll about laughing. Here are a couple of incidents that have happened this week.

Carole came into work last Monday looking very glamorous with her new haircut. Feeling good about herself she set about work. As the children started to arrive in the classroom young "G" (a hyperactive little boy) took one look at her and said, “Good morning Mrs Syrett….. I see you have your funny hair on today!”

During our Topic lesson we were talking about emotions. The children were going to have to draw one picture that makes them happy and one picture that makes them sad. I did an example and talked about why my pictures made me feel happy and sad. The happy picture was of me lying in a sunbed reading a book with the sun shining. The sad picture was of Laurence lying in hospital in stripy pyjamas with a drip going into his arm. I explained to the children that it was medicine. They then went off to draw their pictures. During playtime one thoughtful little boy tapped Kelly on the arm and said, “I think you need to tell Mrs Harris that it is not medicine that is going into Mr Harris’ arm…….it is an electric current!”

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October 02, 2004

Latest News on Lol

Well, what a week! My feet have not touched the ground. I have been working and visiting Laurence in the evenings. He has had a rough week in all ways. Of course his health but work wise as well. He lost his job on Monday (long story - nothing to do with him but a fraud with a solicitor in the firm). By Thursday he had secured a new job at a new firm whilst lying in bed in his pyjamas!
Hopefully he will come home tomorrow, he could not face the scanner there and hopes he will have better luck with the open scanner at Holly House on Monday.
He still feels weak and wobbly and both him and I will stay at home whilst the family celebrate with Laurence's mum at her 91st birthday party.

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