November 26, 2004

House Drama 2004


What a great evening it was last night. House drama as usual was a very enjoyable evening. The four house plays were good but Highams house outshone all with their professional version of “Sweeny Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street”. They swept the boards winning the awards for best chorus, best publicity, best music, best scenery, best junior actress, best actress and I am sure that there were others. When the announcement came for the best play. The judge said “with out a doubt this year it goes to Highams. Carly played Signor Perelli an Italian barber.
Well-done Highams house!


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November 11, 2004

Happy Seventeenth!

Happy birthday Carly. Love you lots. Safe driving.


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November 07, 2004



Our darling grandaughter Charlotte was 3 on Friday. She has had a fantastic weekend starting with a bouncy castle and friends yesterday and all the family today.
Happy Birthday Charlotte. We love you very much.

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