December 29, 2004

JLGB Winter Camp 2004-2005


The girls all went off to JLGB Winter camp this morning. It is being held in Napier Barracks in Folkestone.

I took them to Gants Hill to meet the coach. The coach had already picked up the Scottish crew from Stanstead this morning. JoŽlle went off as soon as her friend Naomi arrived. A Scottish boy dived off the coach to hug Carly and whisked her away. Jaimie had a seat saved by her Scottish friend Jenny and pulled the curtain across to chat with her. I am sure they will have a fantastic time even though they moaned at me for giving them matching suitcases and sleeping bags! They thought they looked like the Brady Bunch!
Ahhhhh 5 days peace and quiet for Lol and I!

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December 26, 2004

Christmas 2004

The best present has been having "The Lolpmeister"home.


Another present has been my new digital camera that one of my pupils gave me!

Christmas 2004 005.JPG

Christmas 2004 006.JPG

A big "Thank you" to mum and dad who helped loads over the last few weeks and especially yesterday with Christmas. It was lovley just to be at home

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December 24, 2004

Home and Happy

2004-12-24 001.jpg

"The Lolps" is now home, very tired and doing well. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and wishes over the last few months. xxxxxxx

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December 23, 2004


"The Lolpmeister" is in the building! Yay!

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December 22, 2004

Today's update

All tubes, drips and cathaters removed. Tumour not as nasty as first thought but needed to be taken out. Patient being quite patient and posing in latest pyjamas today!!!!

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December 21, 2004

Hospital news

Lol is recovering well and building up his strength. The operation went well and now we are just waiting for him to come home. (mind you I think he better leave the cathater behind!)

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December 18, 2004


Lol out of ITU and feeling very tired.

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December 17, 2004

A Very Long Day

After a long 4 hour operation Laurence is now in ITU

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Broken up!

I have broken up from the longest term!!! My body went into end of term shut down last night. This morning I am taking Lol into hospital for his big operation. The removal of a "tumour" from his kidney. I may not be posting on this blog during this time or I may well want to. I will update everyone on his progress as soon as I can.

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December 15, 2004

Davenant Concert 2004

We just spent a really lovely evening at Davenant Foundation School. Jaimie played the trumpet in the lower school band. Here is a picture of her with her friends Oliver and Gavin.

concert 001.jpg

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December 10, 2004

Toby’s Christmas Drum

Well the infant production of the yearly nativity is finally over. The second of the two performances was unique just like the dress rehearsal and performance number 1. Mary fell asleep in the manger and the angel Gabrielle nearly dropped the baby Jesus. Today Joseph howled his eyes out and left the stable as soon as he arrived. Three nursery children fell asleep on the gym mats and Sainsbury’s ran out of check tea towels.
I have not seen as much electrical equipment in Dixon’s as I saw today!!!!!
Well done Infants you were outstanding, especially Josh and Aran who had to stand in for sick children (There were 11 children absent from my class). Well done all the staff and especially Mrs Buscell on the piano. Phew!!!!

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December 08, 2004

Happy Birthday JoŽlle

Happy birthday JoŽlle 15 today.


Have a really lovely day and hope that you get all that you wish for. Dad and I love you very much.

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