January 30, 2005

London Challenge 2005

London Challenge 011.JPG

The smell of Brasso and shoe polish filled the air. Hair brushes being used and the chatter of the old and young together. The bus was on its way to the “London Challenge” I was an on looker, watching and remembering the excitement some twenty plus years ago.

Of course the Brigade is not the same. The uniform different, not as much brass to polish and certainly the backs of the hat badges and soles of the shoes were not being cleaned today. However, the children and staff were having as much fun. Meeting up with friends from the Provinces who today seem “nearer” as they are able to travel by plane for a day. Redbridge Band did not sweep the boards and came a humble fourth but in my opinion they were “a credit to Brigade” and their behaviour was impeccable.

Well done everyone who was involved and may the Brigade continue to “Go from Strength to Strength”.

For my part, I also had an enjoyable day chatting to old friends from London and the Provinces and making new friends with the young leaders.

Look here for the rest of the photographs

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Getting there!

I feel that the bruising is slowly going. I am going to face the public today as I am going to watch the girls in the JLGB London Challenge.

eye 15.jpg

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January 28, 2005

Eye eye

The bruise is going down, changing colour but still there!

eye 14.jpg

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January 25, 2005

One week on

Well I am really feeling a lot better but still look dreadful. The swelling seems to have gone down but bruising is still quite bad!

eye 12.jpg

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January 24, 2005

Not looking any better

eye 11.jpg

Now even the nice skin coloured bit under the eye is going a greenish colour. I went to my own GP today who checked everything for me and told me not to wory about the double vision. If the headaches persist he will send me for a scan. Fingers crossed for some improvement tomorrow will be a week!

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January 23, 2005

Am I looking better? Or am I better looking?

What do you think? Any improvement yet?

eye 10.jpg

A card the children made

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January 22, 2005

Injury Watch- Saturday Afternoon

Surely this is the worst it can get!!!

eye 9.jpg

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Injury Watch - Saturday


I thought the worst was here! The other eye is now starting to bruise in the corner ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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January 21, 2005

Rainbow Day

Kelly laura and carole.jpg

Rainbow Day raised 329.45 in Transition for the Tsunami Disaster Appeal. We all had great fun wearing our wacky socks.

Rainbow day 012.JPG

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Injury Watch- Friday afternoon

ey 7.jpg

After a day at school I now have street cred with the children and have had a conversation with every parent in the school! One of my children's parents, a G.P gave me a big carton of pinapple juice to drink and told me it was very good for getting rid of bruises. I found the boy who got the ice and the first aiders with out being asked "Thomas" you are my hero!

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Injury Watch - Friday Morning


Not looking my best! I put on a purple top to match my eye. I hope I don't scare the children at work. I will wear my filmstar dark glasses. Today is Rainbow Day - it's not just my socks that are bright!

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January 20, 2005

Evening update

Thought I'd smile for this one!

eye 5.jpg

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Afternoon update


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Injury Watch

The bruise is now spreading under the eye!!
eye 3.jpg

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January 19, 2005

My Turn In Whipps X

Laura eye.jpg

What an idiot!!! I was taking a PE lesson at work in the hall, when one of the boys smashed the glasses that were on the window sill. Stupid idiot that I am stood on a chair to clear away the glass before someone got hurt. That is when my life went into slow motion and I landed on my head knocking myself out for a few seconds. A big thank you to Year 5 and 6 boys for remaining calm, getting ice without anyone asking and getting a first aider. A big thank you to all of my colleagues who helped and the A&E staff who looked after me. Thank you also to the staff on Faraday ward at Whipps X (even if it seemed like the crimean war in there!!!).
The bruise is spreading and I will let you know what colours form over the next few days.

ey 2.jpg

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January 16, 2005

Ron's Party

nice photo.jpg
Jackie and Ron with all five grandchildren

Happy birthday to out dear family friend Ron. Thank you for a lovely evening. (The take home cake is nearly all gone!!!!!)
It was lovely to see Stacey (Jackie and Ron's daughter, Howard's sister) and her girls. Must have been about six years since I last saw them. The credits go to Karen "Scaramouche" Kemp for her photography skills.

dad  me mum and Stacey.jpg

Dad, me, mum, and Stacey (She is the Chrissie Watts from Eastenders lookalike!)

howard and Karen.jpg
Howard and Karen

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January 12, 2005

Back to School and Old Friends

As my friend Scaramouche quite rightly said I have not updated my page for 10 days. (Didn’t actually think anyone read it!!) That is because:-

1. Jo and Jai have both had the flu
2. I have been completing 2 modules for uni
3. Probably nothing exciting or worth writing has happened

Now I am back at school. The children are lovely, my team are great and everything is running quite smoothly. The children have been talking and thinking quite a lot about the Tsunami disaster. They decided that they would like to raise money themselves (this is my class). They talked about it and said they would like to have a “Rainbow Day”. We decided that it would be fun to wear brightly coloured, wacky or odd sock for the day and bring money in for charity. Watch this space Friday week is our Rainbow day!

Last night I spent a lovely evening at my friend Phil's house where I saw and old friend Jeremy who I haven't seen for about twenty years!!! Jeremy it was great to see you. A new agenda will be made up and minutes of the meeting sent out!!!
P.S Don't forget AOB (you know what I mean!)

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January 03, 2005

Happy(but very tired) Campers

The girls arrived back safely. Carly and Jaimie looking like the living dead and are now sound asleep. Joelle her usual serene self and very much awake. Well done JLGB another brilliant camp!

P.S Once Carly had downloaded her photos I'm sure she will post them on her blog page.

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January 01, 2005

Happy 2005

A very happy new year to everyone. Laurence and I had nearly forgotten what it was like to go out socially. Thank you to our dear friends Karen and Howard for a lovely new year's eve.

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