July 31, 2005


What a relief!! I have actually lost the will to live at this moment..........................

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July 30, 2005


Thank you to all of you who have commented on this blog or who are just being generally supportive whilst I am suffering from "Modulitis". The posts have amused me and it is good to know that you are not alone!!!!

One more small peice of action research to complete, then I'm done. Then I will have to tidy up and stop eating chocolate!!

P.S Look in my photo albums on the side bar link to see all the photos from the Maccabiah games.

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July 28, 2005

Washed, ironed and packed again!

This week has flown by! Having just sorted out Carly's stuff from "The Games" she is off with Jaimie to JLGB Summer Camp. Joelle is going to enjoy being "an only child" for a while. I am hopefully going to finish this work!!!!!! Post it off and attempt to tidy and clean before they arrive back from camp with more washing and ironing and a five day turn around before we go to Canada!!!

I am going to visit them on Tuesday for "Open Day" sorry no camera until I buy one in Canada!

Wednesday is "The Lolpmeister's" last day at work and next Monday he and Roger set up "Harris, Waters and Co Solicitors"!! Good luck lads and well done on getting the legal services franchise.

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July 26, 2005

Severe debilitating Modulitis

Hopefully this is the last time I will suffer from this awful illness. I have written 7,000 words in the last week and have another 7,000 to do!!!! I feel sick; the house is a mess and I WANT TO CRY!!!!

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July 22, 2005

She's Home!

She's arrived back this morning. Here she is with her medal.

To look at the photos in action look here. and here.

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July 21, 2005

Lolpy to the Law Society


What a wonderful day today. Laurence was admitted to the Law Society. Nick and I went along as very proud guests to watch this wonderful ceremony take place in Chancery Lane. There was a very historical "Dickension" feeling about being there in London amongst the heart of the British legal system.
With all the scares and trouble going on in London we just carried on with the ceremony. We were told that we would have to stay in the building until further notice. I can think of much worse places to have to stay!!! By the time we had our fill of sandwiches and scones we were free to leave!
Well done Lolps we are so proud of you.

Lolps and Nick.jpg
Lolps and Nick

Laura and Lolps.jpg
Me and The Lolpmeister

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July 19, 2005

Life's a Beach!

Latest text from Carly reads as follows:

"It's amazin we're on the beach atm settin up sleepingbags. Amazin atmosphere. It's sunset here it's beautiful. Love you all loads .Miss u xxx"

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July 18, 2005

Bronze Medal

Fantasic news - just heard that the GB team have got the bronze medal. Carly said she had not been taken off once and played every quarter of every match! Watch this space for photos.

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July 17, 2005

Action Photos!

Found this page. It has great photos of the netball in action.





Yes I know Carly's name is spelt wrong on the back of her kit. The correct kit has now arrived in Israel for her. So great to be in touch this way.

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Photo from the Opening Ceremony

I was just trawling through totallyjewish.com and saw some wonderful pictures from the opening ceremony with Carly in. Look towards the left hand side of the photograph.

opening ceremony.jpg2.jpg
Photo by Mark Obstfeld - totallyjewish.com

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July 16, 2005

In the News

If anyone gets the Jewish Chronicle. There is a big picture of the opening ceremony and the GB team. Carly is clearly seen in the top left hand corner.

(Yes Scaramouche - looks like she did straighten her hair!)

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July 15, 2005

Latest News from Israel

GB team lost against Australia yesterday but beat Israel today. Last game against South Africa on Sunday and if all goes well they will be in the play off on Monday for bronze medal.

Carly called tonight and we all had a chance to speak with her. She is still having a wonderful time and is looking forward to visit the wall tomorrow in Jerusalem. She was just getting ready for Shabbat which she said is an amazing experience.

We are all really missing her now.

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July 13, 2005

Great Britain V South Africa

Finally I got to speak to Carly. As I suspected she has no voice. It was a tough game against South Africa I think she said they lost 10-40. They have to play each team again. She said she is loving the whole Israel experience and can't wait to go back. She sends all the family her love and said she misses you all and loves you loads.

Her friend Alex Levinson got a silver medal in athletics. Well-done Alex and what proud parents and grandparents he must have.

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July 12, 2005

Bomber strikes Israeli coast town

Rescue services rush to the scene of the bombing
A suicide bomber has killed two people at the entrance to a shopping centre in the Israeli coastal town of Netanya.

Awful news but Great Britain netball manager sent a text as soon as the news broke. It reads as follows:

"Just in case you heard about netanya. we are all fine as are the whole of the GB squad! Rachelle"

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Great Britain V Israel

Fantastic score just received a text from Carly which reads as follows:

" Hi Mum we won 43 -14 against Israel. I played centre all match was amazin! SO HAPPY! Having a wiked time miss u all. Tell evry 1 I love them. Love Carly" xxx

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July 11, 2005

New Class

I had my new little class in for an hour today. May has done an excellent job and the three new ones seemed lovely. I know, remind me I said this when I am stressed out in September because they can't find their coat pegs or drawers. Or they wet themselves because they forget to ask for the toilet!

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July 10, 2005

1st Match

Just got a text from my friend Sue who was watching the first match against Australia. The text reads as follows:

Saw Carly. She is ok. Lost 1st game 69-4. They did well but Aussies v.good.

I hope they do not feel too down beat about this and carry on enjoying the whole experience.

For update look here

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Maccabiah Update

Great Britain play their first match today against Australia and I will try to update later (The first match is a day before the official opening ceremony although the Junior one is at 3pm this afternoon). For update look here

Latest communication from Carly was by text and reads as follows:

I'm fine. Its amazin hre we r in jerusalem in a wiked hotel wiv about 1000 juniors. Made lots of friends. Miss u all lots xxxx

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July 08, 2005

London Bombs

After yesterdays events, my class of five year old came into school this morning, full of chat about bombs, fire-engines and ambulances. A lot of them had been hearing their parents talk, watching it on the news or realising that daddy won't be home because he is still stuck in the office. One little chap's mother was called in as part of the police force that had to deal with the commotion and aftermath.

All of this is a lot for a five year old to understand - or is it. One little boy said " They really shouldn't go around hurting people they don't know just because they don't like us or some of the things our country does." I told him I agreed but this type of terrorism had been going on for years. "Well, If I was them I would sit down and have a chat about things and see if we could sort out the problem together." He said.

What can I say, I felt quite tearful. I also felt it was important that these children spoke about what they have heard and seen because most of the time the adults don't explain it.

Maybe I will see young master "A" as prime minister one day!

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July 06, 2005

Good Luck Maccabiah GB Team 2005

Last night Laurence and I took Carly to Stanstead to see her off for the games in Israel. What a fantastic atmosphere. There must have been well over 200 athletes including some very handsome cricketers! As well as the netball teams flying off.
We felt very proud and I told Carly to saviour every moment and feeling as this really was a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Good luck all the teams I am sure you will make GB proud.

maccabiah 2.jpg

maccabiah 4.jpg

maccabiah 6.jpg
The GB Netball team

P.S. Thanks mum for lending me the camera!

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