September 13, 2005

Here come the photos

Well, here are the photos after I bought the camera. They are mainly people shots. The disposable camera has been sent off and contains the places we went to. I will add it to this album as soon as I can. So look here.

Better Scaramouche?

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September 10, 2005

Photos from holiday

I have been a bit slow at getting the photos up.

1. I am having a few problems uploading them on to this site.
2. Most of them are on a disposable camera that has yet to be finished and processed.

So keep watching this space. I love this picture though.

20. Arty shot.jpgsmall.jpg

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September 01, 2005


We are home...loads of washing and really knackered will upload photos soon. For now have a look at Frankies Tomatto. This was our favourite restaurant !!

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