October 27, 2005

Golden Day and back online

Yay! back online! After going cold turkey I have given in to the Internet addiction and am back posting messages. However after yesterday how can I not. I hosted the most wonderful reunion of girlfriends here. It felt like Sex and the City (without the sex bit). Fiona, Laura, Stacey, Sue and Mel and all your lovely children - Thank you.

girls reunited 1.jpg
The girls - Twenty odd years on!

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October 23, 2005


You would not think that this would be a problem, for it is probably only about 7 years ago we had no Internet...but IT IS!!!

For about a week now our Internet has not been working. At first we thought the server was down and as Neil was in USA would get it sorted out when he could. After calling Dad and realising his was working we knew that there was obviously another problem.

After about A DAY of holding on for NTL, they told us that we have not paid our bill and therefore we were cut off! How could this be, monthly payments were going out of our account and there had been no letters informing us of this! They said that the package we thought we had that includes cable and broadband does not exist and we had only been paying our cable bill. They had sent us numerous e-mails to our NTL email address... an address that we have never set up or know exist as we all had existing e-mail accounts . (Are letters totally extinct these days?) Now we have to give a months notice and are searching around for the best deal. Now, this is fine for the children who have access to the Iternet at school and for Lol who has it at work. I, however have no access and am booking myself into the library for hourly sessions with all the students (Hopefully I can book into mum and dad at some point this week).

So if I am ignoring you or not answering e-mails that is why.

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October 14, 2005

I Did It!

I survived repeated bouts of modulitis and now have a BA (Ed) in Early Childhood Studies. PHew!!!!

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October 01, 2005

I am here

I have finally updated the Canadian album and you can see all of our photos here.
I have now had my new Transition class for 4 weeks and all is going well apart from the fact that they are a noisy bunch!

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