December 31, 2005

Goodbye 2005

This is my last entry for 2005. This year has certainly been better to us than last year. Laurence is now in good health and has not only gained his qualifications but now has his own family law practice. I have finally completed my studies, and Carly won a bronze medal whilst representing Great Britain at netball and passed her driving test. JoŽlle gained an A in her textiles GCSE (an A* the previous year in IT) and is to take the rest in 2006. Jaimie and I have both taken up karate and achieved our yellow belt grading earlier this month. My parents and Laurence's mother all seem in fairly good health (a few ailments that will hopefully improve over the next year).

Yesterday was the first day for about 5 years or so that I did absolutely nothing! I had been quite unwell during the night and had no energy. I sat on the settee and watched television, DVD's and tinkered about on the laptop. Well, I am on holiday so I am going to make the most of it.

Today I attempted to clear out Jaimie's bedroom. This is a difficult task that I attempt every six months or so. Teenagers rooms (Most of them not you darling JoŽlle) are a little untidy, but Jaimie's is a mixture of the usual mess and a collection of unusual items e.g rubber gloves, fake dog poo and rubber tongues and jelly eyes. The lack of organisation due to her ADHD doesn't help nor does the fact that she has a tiny box room. We took a trip to IKEA and bought a chest of drawers for her that we could keep in the spare room. This started us thinking about rearranging her bedroom and taking out the old fitted wardrobes and maybe getting her a bed with a bit of storage underneath. I'll see what she thinks when she comes back from JLGB camp tomorrow.

I am really missing both Jaimie and Carly, however the house has remained tidy since they both left! I spoke to Carly just before and told me that Jaimie had an accident last night and knocked herself out running into the bedroom door! It couldn't have been that bad as I had not heard from anyone else and Carly said she was fine when she saw her! I think she just got over excited. I am hoping that she has managed to keep off medication during camp as the medication suppresses her appetite and she is very underweight.

Well enough rambling, we are going to stay in with a Chinese take-away and a bottle of wine. Happy New year and I'll be back in 2006

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December 29, 2005

Activities and thoughts of an off duty teacher!

It has been lovely being at home for a while and I donít actually start back at school until 9th January (Although I will go in to school on the 6th).
Carly and Jaimie are away and JoŽlle has gone to her friends today. We had Charlotte to stay last night and she has been keeping me company!

Yesterday we briefly set of to the sales! We went to Bluewater, it was not too bad in the morning but became quite busy around lunchtime. JoŽlle and Laurence went off in one direction whilst I pottered at my own pace in another. We were quite glad to get home and have a cup of tea!

It has been great pottering around the house and not worrying about an essay or two that needs writing. I have no idea how I actually found the time to complete a full time degree whilst working full time. It is only beginning to sink in now and I do feel quite proud of myself (shucks).

We are not doing anything for New Years Eve as I hate this time of year. I am only too happy when it is January 1st and the evenings begin to get lighter. (I really think I do suffer from SAD).

Well thatís enough rambling for now and I will attempt to regularly update my blog in 2006. Happy New Year to all my family, friends and readers. Xxxxxx

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December 27, 2005

Winter Wonderland!

I havenít really written much on my blog since breaking up from school. The first week I felt dead and ill! I put this down to a combination of a really busy term and suddenly stopping work. I began to feel better on Christmas Eve and enjoyed myself on Christmas/ Chanukah. This year I cooked goose, which was delicious and had a lovely family day with mum, dad, Neil and us five.

Tomorrow Carly and Jaimie will go to the annual Winter Camp, which is being held near Kettering this year. I do hope they get there safely (and home again). It takes me back to a Winter Camp where we got snowed in for a couple of days (the best time ever!).

Today we were going shopping but woke up to a Winter Wonderland!

December 05 003.jpg
First view from Carly's bedroom

December 05 004.jpg
Down our road

December 05 006.jpg
Lolpy in the snow!

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December 15, 2005


LKH grad.jpg

stage grad.jpg

I did it! After gaining my Cert Ed and other teaching qualification years ago. I decided to complete my studies with a BA (Ed) in Early Childhood Studies and Education. It was a lovely day at the Barbican Centre and I was cheered on by Lolps, Mum and Dad. Thank you to all three of them who have supported me in everything.

Finally, I could not have achieved this without my "study buddy" May and look forward to congratulating her on her degree early next year.


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December 08, 2005

Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen


Darling JoŽlle, have a wonderful 16th birthday. Dad and I are very proud of you and wish you luck with your GCSEís this academic year. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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