June 30, 2006

Carly's Last Day

I really cannot believe that Carly has left school. She said she cannot remember a bad time throughout the years she was at school, only funny and happy memories. How wonderful!
Good luck darling. The world is your oyster.....awaiting A- level results!

leavers day - lib george me cheri and tash 2.jpg

Both girls have had their "Prom's" and looked absolutely stunning. I will post some photos as soon as I am able.

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June 29, 2006

Tag Bronze Medal

Well done "my tag rugby team". What a hot afternoon down at Ilford Wanderer's Rugby Club! We played really well until we lost our match in the semi-finals. We played against "Highland's" in the play offs and secured a 6 all draw. This went to extra time which secured a 3 all draw! Both sides were presented with the bronze medal (otherwise we would have been there all day!) Highlands played in "bright orange" which made me feeel ill for the duration of the match and extra time!

Good luck team fror next week at the Heathrow Youth Games. Crystal Palace here we come! I am already very proud of your achievements this year.

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June 27, 2006


American Space Agency NASA is about to begin a series of consultations with rabbis as part of preparations for the stay of Jewish astronauts in its international space station.

NASA is seeking to consult rabbis regarding the necessary arrangements and ways to uphold Torah commandments in space. Among other things,there is a need to determine at every stage in the space flight the position of Jerusalem in relation to the space station, so that astronauts know which was to turn when praying.

Other issues include the keeping of kosher food and the keeping of Shabbat in space. The international space station is supposed to receive in the coming years guest experts from other countries, and an effort has been made to send Israeli scientists to the station.

Mmmm space packed Kneidleach!!!!!!!

The question of upholding commandments in space came up before first Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon was sent to space. Ramon was not religious, but he took with him kosher food and made sure to keep the Shabbat.

Read more here.

jews in space.jpg

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June 24, 2006

Photos from IOW with Jaimie

07 Blackgang.jpg
Fun at Blackgang Chine

12 maze small.jpg
Lost in the Maze

11 Blackgang.jpg

02 shanklin beach.jpg
On Shanklin Beach

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June 15, 2006

This made me laugh so much.........

Students at London University's Medical School have been recruited to undertake Britain's largest survey on penis size. Sponsored by Durex, this survey is intended to establish if there is a viable market for extra small condoms. Attractive female students have begun to interview male motorists and have managed to persuade a great many of them to have their penis size calibrated. In order to minimise inconvenience to the public and prevent motorists skewing the statistics by being measured twice, all the men whose penal size fell into the very small category (under 30mm) - have been given a white flag with a red cross on it to fly from their car windows.

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June 08, 2006

Happy Anniversary

To the best Mummy and Daddy in the world. Have a great day. We all love you loads

blog Mum and Dad.jpg

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June 04, 2006

Good Luck Girls

Although Joëlle has already had a few GCSE’s the big lot come over the next few weeks. Carly also starts her A levels, so life in the “House of Harris” is a bit stressy!


I just want to say, good luck to the both of you and just do your best. Dad and I love you so much whatever the results may be.
me and darren out for tashis.jpg
Carly with her boyfriend Darren

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June 03, 2006

Half Term in IOW

What a fantastic time Jaimie and I had during half term. We would like to thank Robin and Geri at The Courtlands Hotel for making us so welcome. The photos were taken on a disposable camera due to my camera problem! So you will have to wait for them to be developed.

The hotel was not actually opened to the public so we were the only ones there apart from another colleague Steve who goes for a walking holiday and to write his reports.

Day 1
We left home bright and early and made our way down to Portsmouth. Considering it was Bank Holiday Monday the roads were very empty. We thought we were going to be very early but then it took us an our to get through Portsmouth to the ferry!

We arrived in Fishbourne and took the road through to Shanklin (surprisingly I knew my way!) and arrived at the hotel by 2.15p.m. The weather was a bit drizzly so we decided to take a drive into Sandown and visit the Dinosaur Isle. This was a museum that told you where dinosaurs were found in the Isle of Wight. After that, we walked up the road and played our first game of crazy golf.

The weather had brightened up and we went back to the hotel for a rest. In the evening we walked to Shanklin Village (which was on our doorstep) and went to the Crab Inn for dinner. Then we decided to walk to the beach and back up the cliff path before spending the rest of the evening chatting to Robin, Geri and Steve.

Day 2

We got up bright and early and very excited for our full English breakfast! We took a drive along the coast and went to Blackgang Chine (The nearest you will get to a theme park in the IOW). The place was very quiet so we were able to go on the rides as many times as we wanted. After we had finished there we went to Ventnor Botanic Gardens for a walk and tea and then back to the hotel. In the evening we went to a local Italian restaurant called Pavarotti’s and then on our beach walk.

Day 3
We drove to Amazon World which took us through the rainforest and then we drove back to Blackgang as we had a free entry. We went on the two big rides and then back to the fossil shop where we bought bracelets for the girls. We drove back to the hotel and then walked down to the beach and stayed there for a while. We took along walk back and went to the Crab Inn again for dinner.

Day 4
As the weather was good we decided to change the ferry to 4’clock, go to the beach and have another game of crazy golf. We then drove into Ryde for lunch and made our way to the ferry.

Thanks Jai for making the week fun and boy can you eat!!!!

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