August 27, 2006

Boston Photo Album

Look at our Boston 2006 photos.

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August 26, 2006

Home and GCSE success!

We have arrived home from our holiday. Over the next few days I will be putting a photo album on.

A big mazeltov to out darling Joelle who gained 7A* and 4A's in her GCSE's. One RS paper 100% and the other 97%.

We are so proud of her and Carly for their academic achievements (Carly got a very good BBC to take her to Leeds Metropolitan University). We only expect our children to reach "their" full potential, so Jaimie, as long as you work hard this year we will be equally as proud next year. We love all three of you loads.


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August 24, 2006

Last Day

Us 4 at Old Sturbridge.jpg

Today we went to Old Sturbridge Village and had fun looking at the old houses. Our cases are tightly packed as we are ready for our journey home tomorrow.
Can't wait to see you all.

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August 23, 2006

Latest Pics

It is very hard to put a load of pics onto the site as this computer will not let me cut and paste!

us 4.jpg
Here we all are ... eating again!!!

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August 20, 2006

jo and jai rainforest cafe.jpg

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lol and laura.jpg

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jo jai and lol.jpg

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in the forest.jpg

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jo and jai beach.jpg

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August 18, 2006

Boston Update

Well, the weather has been good and now Carly has her results we can relax. Joelle won't get hers until after our return. Yesterday we took the subway into Boston and walked the Freedom Trail. We toured the USS Constitution. We were a little upset that they had removed the Boston Tea Party for rennovation!

Today we returned to Plum Island Beach for a relax (It is so empty there) and have returned to the hotel for a swim (and the girls have gone to the gym). As it is the weekend we are going to spend it by the outside pool as everywhere gets a bit busy. We call this a "Pool, Mall day".
Love to all xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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August 17, 2006

Yay and Woo to Carly!

Fantastice news! Carly got the grades she needed to go to Leeds. Daddy and I are so proud of you and love you so much.
We miss you loads too.

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August 16, 2006

Out and About

We have been out and about the last few days. Yesterday morning was a bit rainy so we spent that swimming. It brightened up at lunchtime so we went to visit Rockport, a picturesque fishing village.

Today we went to Plum Island, which is a quiet treasure on the coast of Massachusetts. Tomorrow we intend to go into Boston.

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August 13, 2006

Arrived in Boston

Well, we did it. We got here! After arriving at Heathrow five hours early we were escorted into a marquee where we were given food and drink. We were put on the flight at the expected time but... sat on teh plane for four hours before it took off! (We had already watched an in flight movie by then!)

We are now in Boston and enjoying relaxing for teh weekend before we go off sightseeing.

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August 10, 2006


Joelle home safely and had a marvellous time. We are meant to be flying out of Heathrow tomorrow.... watch this space.... Oh well at least I don't have to worry about carrying anything!

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August 08, 2006

Farewell Israel

The children prepare to leave Israel and I would like to thank Israel Experience for looking after them. I would especially like to thank the madrachim who were with them for the last month and a special thanks to Eyal back at base whose daily e-mails have helped us to feel closer to our children.

Eyal's closing message:
Tomorrow is the last day of tour, and this is the last tour email. This tour was unique from all other years because of the situation in Israel these times. We had to change and adopt it to the reality in order to keep the welfare and safety of the chanichim. With all of those problems we managed to arrange a great tour where the kids learn about Israel, the Jewish world, their history and about their people. When you'll speak with them I convince that you will discover that it was fun and meaningful experience for them, experience that they will never forget. Now, you and the kids have the choice not to leave it as a one time experience. Soon, the kids will have a tour reunion and after it we will offer them a special Leadership programme throughout the year that in the end of it they will become Madrichim (leaders) in the movement and productive members in the Jewish community in England. I hope to see them all.
Today the group completed the Jerusalem part of tour and they closed a circle. They visited the city of David and the Hezekiah tunnels. Also they have been in the southern excavation and in the Kotel. They finished the day with a party and tomorrow they will have feedback sessions and Sikum and then they will go to Ben Gurion Airport say goodbye to some of their friends that stays in Israel and will fly home.
Last words for you the parents. I know it wasn't easy time for you. Although your kids were safe in every second on the tour and although we would never put them in danger and there is a hall system that takes care of them, I still understand your worry to them. As an Israeli it warms my hart to see how you won your fears and allowed your kids to have this important and meaningful experience that strength their connection to Israel and to the Jewish people. As a Shaliach, I'm proud to work in community that contain parents like you.
The final thing is a big thank that I guess we all share, to Israel Experience that works days and nights about this tour and any other. You've met them only once in the parents evening when Charlotte present you the tour but they are doing much more and it will be enough if I'll say that without them there was no such thing like tour or at least it was much harder and much less professional.

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Take a Close Look

Take a close look at this picture. How easily can the truth be distorted with the techonology we have! Thanks to Yo Yenta! for pointing this page out to me.

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August 07, 2006

Tour Update

Dear Tour Parents,

The group travelled today in Jerusalem from the perspective of the divided city and the 6 days war. It was a successful day that at the end of it in the evening they enjoyed from a free time in the special area of Emek Refaim.

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Jai is home


Photos from Shirley Lane OC Woodford JLGB

Well, Jaimie came home yesterday with her friend Jenny and I managed to wash iron and re-pack ready for holiday. Let's hope the weather is better for Jo when she arrived back so we can get the washing done! Two more days. Yay!

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August 05, 2006

Send a Hug

This is a great idea by in support of the Israeli soldiers. Send a hug!

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Late e-mail

Dear Parents,

This is the last weekend on tour. Today the group visited Yad Vashem. That wasn't an easy visit for them and at the end of it the madrichim ran peula about it. Now they are already on Shabbat programme in Bait Vagan Youth Hostel, that will continue tomorrow. At the afternoon tomorrow, the group wil visit at Mount Herzl and in the evening they will have a Drama workshop.

What's Next:*

Sunday: Jerusalem - The state's institutions: Knesset, Supreme court

Shabbat Shalom,

Eyal Ankri
The Jewish Agency Shaliach
for Hanoar Hatzioni movement

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August 04, 2006


No update tonight, probably Shabbat came in before Eyal could speak with the Madrachim. However an e-mail from Joelle reads as follows:

Hey mum,

These items would be much appreciated when met at the airport, hehe.

krispy kreme donuts

a chocolate frappachino

an Indian takeaway

I'm starving!

love you lots and miss you x x x x x x x x

I think we will have to feed her up when we get to Boston!

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August 02, 2006

Only a Week Left!

I can't believe that Joelle has been away for three weeks! She called tonight and was on good form. She seems to have settled in and was laughing and joking about how horrible it was sleeping in the forest last night! When we asked her where she was now, she said "Not got a clue"!

Eyal says:
Today the group completed the Mifgashim part of the tour that they started yesterday. It started in Ben Shemen forest and finished today in Cherbet Madrass where they went inside beautiful caves in the site. Later on, they said goodbye and our group continued to Herzelia. The Mifgashim programme should have been in Ma’ale Yosef, where the Israeli kids live, but because of the situation (Ma’ale Yosef is on the Northern border and suffer from Katushas missiles) we had to do it in Ben Shemen area,

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Fun Day and Update

Yesterday, Laurence, Carly, Darren and myself went to visit Jaimie at JLGB camp at East Mersea Campsite. Jai looked like she was having fun and seemed to have made a load more friends. Her leg was better and she seemed to be running around on it! Lol and I enjoyed the afternoon as we caught up with our old JLGB friends. We didn't leave the campsite until 6pm.

Joelle's update:
Eyal says:

Dear Parents,

Today the kids had a day in the nature. They have been in Ben Shemen forest in the area of Modi'in where the Maccabees started their revival against the Greeks, spent some time in a rope park and had a hike in Katlav River. They are sleeping in Ben Shemen forest under the stars together with a reduced group of Mifgashim and with 2 more tours.

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