January 29, 2007

The "O" Word

Have not written much on my blog lately but after this week and "O" will be back to my amateur journalsim.

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January 01, 2007

Happy 2007 and 2006 round up

This time of year I like to review life in the House of Harris. This year has been quite tough one at work but the Autumn term has brought joy to me again. Laurence has opened the second branch of Harris Waters and Co and Jaimie has been off all medication since April. (Only taking Ritalin whilst she was completing her mock GCSE’s to help her focus). Jaimie you have done so well, we are so very proud of you.

Joëlle achieved wonderful results in her GCSE’s and continues to work hard with her chosen AS and A level subjects. She has turned into a beautiful young lady and we are very proud of her. Carly gave us our second taste of empty nest syndrome. She has settled well into University life after gaining good grades to take her to her first choice of University. We have enjoyed having Carly as home for a while and continue to be proud of her. She is now planning three months away at Camp America in the summer.

Nick and Vicky made us very proud Grandparents again in October and Alex and Charlotte are both adorable children.

Laurence’s mother surprises us all! At 93 she still plays cards four times a week.

Mum and Dad still appear as young as ever (although I am sure they will disagree) and are always around for Laurence, myself and the girls.

Well, that really is a round up, but I am sure if you dip into my page at regular intervals you will know most of the above.

A very happy and healthy 2007 to everyone.

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