May 31, 2007

IOW 2007

Jaimie and I have just returned after 3 days in the Isle of Wight. We stayed at the Courtlands Hotel, which is the hotel we stay at when we go with the school. I have got to know the owners Geri and Robin really well so it is always lovely to se them. The hotel did not have any other guests apart from us and Steve who is a work colleague of mine who also goes to IOW to write reports.

1 roman villa.jpg
Jaimie making mosaics in the Roman Villa

3 the crab inn.jpg
Me outside the Crab Inn where we liked to eat in the evenings

5 shanklin old village.jpg
Shanklin - where we stayed

6 Jaim cliff walk.jpg
Our evening walk to the beach

9 walk from sandown to shanklin.jpg
Coastal walk to Sandown

12 lunch on the beach.jpg
Us two

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May 26, 2007

Fun at Home

Had lovely day just looking after my noshey schnooky grandson Alex. He is 7 months old and developing a wonderful shock of red hair just like his sister.


Jo and her boyfriend Jonny went to a fancy dress party dressed as "The Ref and the Geek".

ref and geek.jpg

Jaimie and I are off to the Isle of Wight for three days. Will report back on our return.

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May 22, 2007

Happy Sixteenth Birthday Jaimie

blog31 Jai.jpg

Jaimie is sixteen today………………..this is a truly an emotional occasion for Laurence and I. Jaimie has now finished compulsory education and we are so proud of the way she has applied herself to study. The outcome of the exams is irrelevant because we know that Jaimie will achieve all she sets out to in life. Her 'unique' sense of humour (as her form tutor put it) and vivacious personality will endear her to people throughout her life.

The following is a quote from the speech of Sheila Ferrari (my boss and Jaimie's Prep School Head) from Jaimie' s batmizvah. It best describes 'Our Jaimie.'

"This little tiny person came into a bewildering and confusing situation – SCBU – a Special Care Baby Unit – noise, bright lights and assaults on her minute body.

blog baby jai.jpg

With the determination she has shown in so many ways since Jaimie fought for her future and won against all odds. No amount of expertise could have done it without Jaimie's indomitable will to overcome!!

blog little jai with dad.jpg

We at Avon House met her after caring for Carly and Joëlle for a few years and shall we say Jaimie was different we had been warned!

I firmly believe God makes each one of us unique, priceless and precious! We are all priceless and precious but some appear more unique than others – Jaimie is one of these – she I believe, has described herself as eccentric!!

Well done Jaimie, where would we be without people who are not afraid to be different!

I just want to say G-d chose the right family for you and they are all proud of you – Carly, Joëlle, Nick, your Grandparents and extended family and above all your Mum and Dad. Remember to listen to the advice and opinions from those who love you, develop discernment and learn how to accept, with respect, their views and again develop with their help the wisdom to reject or accept this."

Jaimie, We all love you so much… carry in enjoying life and happy sixteenth. We hope you enjoy the sixth form at Trinity High School in September.

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May 20, 2007

Surprised Jaimie

What lovely friends Jaimie has. Six of them surprised her with a party yesterday. Her school friends and JLGB friends had communicated through me for the last couple of weeks. They wanted the day to be special as she has two GCSE's on her 16th birthday on Tuesday. Jaimie was truly surprised!

jai birthay.jpg

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May 17, 2007

Find Maddie

The disappearance Madeleine McCann is a story that has touched everyone I speak to. Someone must have seen her. Her distinctive right eye must give her away. If people tell others to look at this poster or the website, we may find the one person who will recognise her. I pray for the family and most of all for this sweet little girl.


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May 16, 2007

Fun with Paper Mache

I have been highly amused today with the arirval of "Sid the Squid" made lovingly by "A" in my class. The staff thought more on the lines of "Percy the Penis"!


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May 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad

Don't feel left out this year! We love you loads and loads and have a fabulous birthday. xxxxxx

dad blog.jpg

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May 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Mum

Today is her actual birthday. I hope it was a good one mum love you loads and loads.

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May 06, 2007

Mum's Birthday Tea

What a wonderful afternoon celebrating my wonderful mummy's special birthday.

blog mum.jpg

We went to the Lanesborough Hotel and celebrated her birthday in stle - What a wonderful family day - Thanks Mum and Dad.

blog mum and dad.jpg

Look at all of the photographs here

Here is a little video

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