June 30, 2007

NY and Happy

I haven't heard much from Carly all week. The children have arrived and I know it must be hetic. However, this e-mail arrived last night: (not changing how it was written)

hey mummy,
finally got the computer whilst the kids are in a swimming lesson! Thank
you for the letter it made me smile. its nice to get mail coz the kids get
it too!
we had to make up a rap last night about bullying with our kids...they are
so cute when they do it and we are filming it today!

no chance to put pictures up its always so busy here and everyone is so
exhausted by the end of the night! its mad!

having the most amazing time. there is only one bratty child in my bunk who
cries whenever she doesnt get her own way and one who is gorgeous...her
dad owns one of the biggest basketball teams in america!

had ice cream sundaes just before the kids went to bed last nite....which
wasnt the greatest of ideas because the kids were so hyper after and
pretending to be zombies. I am also fed up of high school musical soundtrack
and the hannahg montana soundtrack. thats all my kids listen too!
if poss can you get the memory card out my other camera and send it to me
because im worried i dont have enough space!
and im upset coz i didnt bring enough dresys clothes! please can you send me
quite a lot of my photos...get jo to pick them...i trust her taste
i love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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June 29, 2007

Prom Time

prom 2.jpg

How can my baby have become a Prom delight tonight? She looked stunning tonight as she left for the last time to Davenant School (well not really she is going to Italy next month)

prom 1.jpg

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June 25, 2007

Call from Carly

Carly just managed to call from Monroe. She had bought a phone card and explained how hard it is to go on the computer and to tell Grandma and Grandpa this. She also wanted to tell everyone she loved them and is having fun although it is very hot. She was also quite excited that she had been taken to town in a yellow school bus!

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Monroe News

This e-mail arrived in the early hours, looks like I am lucky to receive it:

walmart was fun! im sharing a hut with a girl called Jill who is 17 and superly lovely...getting on so well with her and a weird girl called erica who is also 17....she watches through the crack in the toilet door when i pee!...o and she likes classic novels lol

Got really friendly with georgie sampson....the girl i got introduced to over the net before camp! she loevly and mad just like me and is in the bunk next door so im happy.

having the most amazing time and not home sick...kids come on weds...been having orientation its been so fun! i love all the amrican sports. i have 7-8 year old girls...the youngest :-)

dont have much time to write emails and stuff so u are lucky to get this. Il text you 2moro because we are going on a trip out of camp to a shopping place.
I love you so much xxxxx

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June 24, 2007

Camp Monroe Update

I received a text from Carly in the early hours that reads as follows:

"Hey mum im on my way 2 WalMart. I was serious about air india!. I love u havin an amazin time.Im gonna have 7 year olds - love u x"

I am pleased, Carly wanted to be looking after the youngest children.

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Saturday Shopping

Yesterday I went on my usual shopping trip to Loughton. I went on my usual tour of the shops, Superdrug, WH Smiths and even treated myself to a few items of clothing and a pair of shoes in M and Co. However before I got home I had also purchased a Honda Jazz DSI 5 Door Hatchback in Black! As I was walking by Brown’s Honda dealer in Loughton, I saw Laurence who called me in to show me a second hand car that had only arrived on the premises yesterday. We both thought it was perfect and that was that! So I look forward to taking delivery of this beauty in about 2 weeks. I have been without a car for nearly 3 years! (Yes I have moaned about it a lot). So when it arrives I shall post it’s photo on this page.

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June 22, 2007

News from Carly

Carly was only home from uni for a week before she departed off to USA for Camp America. She will be gone until September and we hope she has a fabulous time. She is staying in New York state at a camp called Camp Monroe.
I received a brief e-mail today, the fact that it is brief must mean she is having fun. It reads as follows:

I have arrived safely and settled into my cabin its so pretty here...the
journey was interesting. the air hostesses wore saris and we had
curry...cant rite too much but il get in contact soon. love u

The above refers to the fact that she flew Air India!

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June 21, 2007

School Trip 2007


Today I took Foundation 2 on a school trip to Bekonscot Model Village. Jaimie came with and was a superb group leader.

To see some photographs have a look at the school webpage

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June 08, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Happy 49th Anniversary mum and dad. We love you very much.

blog mum and dad.jpg

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June 03, 2007


5 weeks 4 days to go!!

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