July 31, 2007

New York New York

Text from Joëlle reads as follows:

Going to Ellis Island, been to Empire State and Times square. People are really nice. Bit rainy tho! luv u xxx

Today they have a talk from Ben Harris, a former speech writer for the United Nations. The afternoon will be spent at Six Flags Great Adventure Theme Park.

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July 30, 2007

New York News

We are able to log on daily to see the diary and if we are lucky some pictures. Diary as follows:

Hello everyone.

Welcome to the USA! The S & I groups arrived first. (The groups are known as U, S, A and Icon(I)) We seem to have brought the rain with us from the UK which delayed landing a bit and we all got a bit wet as we got outside. Everyone came through the long queue of immigration; we got our cases and finally left JFK airport.

The groups went to the Hilton hotel in Fort Lee for a lovely lunch and orientation followed by some ‘getting to know you' sessions.

Around this stage the U & A groups arrived and joined the earlier arrivals in the Hilton.

Dinner was served and everyone was able to check in to their respective hotels. The males in the Holiday Inn, and the females down the road in the Hilton.

The groups that arrived earlier went to the Empire State Building! We did both the skyride and the observation deck. What an amazing sight and breathtaking view (through the clouds!!) Some then returned for a well deserved early night while others remained in Manhattan to see some of the places around town and maybe even purchased some gifts and souvenirs for their family back home. (Don't worry- I'm sure they charged it to your credit cards!) Eventually all the coaches returned to our hotels and all is quiet now…

Looking forward to a great day tomorrow and a super trip ahead!

Regards from USA!

The Aish Crew

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July 29, 2007

Joëlle clocking In

Text message just received from Joëlle reads as follow:

Hey babes! We have arrived! It's rainy tho! Boys carried my case off the thing so it's fine (refering to the fact that her case was over weight and luckily we were there to pay excess) Got free duty free cos my tv didnt work! Got make up obvs! luve youxx

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Camp Monroe Live

Carly put me onto the website that has a live webcam and I was able to see her is some slide shows. I have printed screen from there so the pictures are a little hazy. I was a bit worried about Carly's empty plate at dinner but I assume she was waiting for a veggie meal!

carly monroe.jpg

carly monroe.j 2pg.jpg

It was so lovely to see her I felt quite emotional!

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Only Parents

We now have NO children at home! It is far too quiet and far too tidy!
Joëlle went off today and is staying in New Jersey and other places. She has gone with AISH and is staying here for most of the trip.

Today's and tomorrows itinerary as follows:

Sunday 29th July

Flight Departs London

Flight Arrives JFK Airport NY

Transfer to hotels

Welcome and Orientation

Empire State Building (group dependant)

Monday 30th July

AISH Seminars in morning

Empire State Building/Boating in Central Park/Bowling/Ellis Island (group dependant).

I forgot to say, Jaimie is at camp in Danbury near Chelmsford. HERE

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July 24, 2007

Jaimie Returned

jai venice.jpg

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My daughter the "Mensch"

A Camp Monroe letter arrive this morning addressed to Family of Carly Harris. My first thought was had she been caught drinking and they were throwing her off camp? No, of course not. The letter went as follows:

Dear Parent,

We have a special program at camp where we try to teach and install good character traits (midos) into our campers and staff. Each week we highlight two midos of the week for everyone to work on. At the end of each week we honor those members of our Camp Monroe family who have recognised by others as exemplifying our midos of the week. We give these individuals special recognition in front of the entire camp and present them with our coveted “Honorable Menschen”award.

Your child was a recipient of this award and we thought you would be pleased to know about it. Enclosed is the “ Honorable Menschen” award certitificate.

We are very proud of the fine individuals who become Camp Monroe “Honorable Menschen”. We are happy to share this information with you.

My Fond regards


Carly, Daddy and I are so proud of you, to have good character traits are, to us one one the most important things you can have. Well done.

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July 23, 2007

Finally heard from her!

After a few days of no contact ( I hear from Carly more often!). I received this text this morning from Jaimie! ( she has obviously had a good time)

Morning. Leaving at 12 today. Will txt wen at Dover. C U tomorrow. x x

p.s received a lovely letter from Carly this week but is is too personal to post.

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July 18, 2007

Jaimie's News

First of all congratulations to Jaimie. She doesn't even know yet but she will be a sergeant for camp. The stripes will be sewn on before she arrives home from Italy. She has been hoping and waiting and working hard for this, so well done Jaimie!

Tonight after a day of swimming and sunbathing, Jaimie will be performing another concert at Preve di Ledro at Piazza a Concei.

Tomorrow is a day trip to Venice and no concert.

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July 16, 2007

News from the Harris Hotline

Well, after 27 hours on a long coach journey the Davenant Lake Garda Tour arrived. The text message we we received reads as follows:

Hey babes. It's nice here and hot. Will text every other day k? xxx

Good enough to know she arrived safely. She is staying at the Hotel Campagnola The first concert will be tomorrow evening at Levicio Terme in the Piazza della Ciesa. They will not get back to the hotels until 1.am!

Carly has overcome some homesickness, especially during the parents visit last Sunday. She was adopted by a family for the day, who even bought her a present. A little taster of what she has been up to from her letter:

The camp is so spread out too so it's quite annoying when we have an activity the other side of camp! So far we have done tennis, archery, swimming, gym, mini golf, volleyball, nature, video, basketball, go karts, arts and crafts, zipwire, climbing wall, high/low ropes, soccor, paddle boats, canoes, hockey, computing, photography, dance, softball and kickball!! So as you can tell I have been very busy. There have also been campfires where we roast marshmallows on sticks. It's amazing!!

The food here is actually really good but it's literally only carbs! They do this chocolate pudding, which Georgie and I reckon is so good, there is no need for a guy ever!!

I also want to thank all of my children for being so supportive of each other with their love and care. (You all know what I mean).

Joelle will be off in a couple of weeks so there will be more travels to track.

......and finally I took delivery of my lovely shiny Honda Jazz today


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July 13, 2007

Music Tour 2007

On Sunday Jaimie is off on a music tour in Lake Garda, Italy. This tour has been planned for the last two years and for the last year the students have been practising. Jaimie is in a choir and the school concert band.

Last Saturday night there was an open air concert at the Copped Hall Estate to raise extra funds for this once in a lifetime trip.

copped hall.jpg

Here are some photographs from last week - Thank goodness the weather was kind to us!


jai and harriette.jpg

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July 07, 2007

4th July Camp Monroe

thank u 4th July was fun! ye and i got publicly humiliated coz the youngest kids had to parade oin with horses with stupid hatsd on and wave and i had to do it! lol so funny! love u xxxxxxxx

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July 01, 2007

Clothes Requested

Carly requested that I sent some items of clothing . This is the e-mail I sent back:

Bedroom status: not looking good
Action Plan: Your mother has tidied and cleaned!
Items of clothing : Random items put in purple laundry bag, 20 pairs knickers and numerous odd socks in wash!!
Requested Items: 1, flowery Zara dress found and ironed, 1 green New look dress filthy! in wash ready to be laundered, other blue dress missing in action - will send garment police in later to search all areas

p.s love you babes

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