August 23, 2007


Well, we have arrived home and are very proud of both Jaimie and Joelle who both did superbly in their exams. Well done you two, the hard work really paid off. Joelle was at home for half a day before travelling up to Leeds for the music festval.

Photos of holiday will appear over the next week .

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August 20, 2007

Last few days

Today we drove to the beautiful Cape Cod and took the ferry over to Martha's Vinyard. Yesterday we spent relaxing by the pool but the day before we had a fun day at Canobie Lake Park. It is too late to upload pictures but will do soon.

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August 17, 2007

Carly at Camp


Camp bunk.jpg

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August 15, 2007

Holiday Update

After a long busy day yesterday we are having a relax by the pool. We went to visit Carly and took her and her friend Georgie out for the day. The camp is absolutely wonderful and if I have a moment whilst I am away, I will put some photos on. We then drove to NYC to pick Joelle up from her Aish tour. She had such a fabulous time. After a visit to a mall to top Carly up and a nice dinner we deposited Carly and Georgie back at camp. 4 hours later, 1 am in the morning we arrived back at the hotel.

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August 10, 2007

Holiday Photos

For ease, all of the photographs whilst I am away will be uploaded on Facebook This seems to be the quickest way.

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August 08, 2007

Day 1

Day 1
After an easy flight and journey to the hotel we went to bed 8pm local time.
Finding ourselves up very early this morning. There has been extremly hot
weather in USA this summer. This morning stated off with heavy rain so we
went to the mall to locate a car phone charger (we thought this would be
useful when we get home). My phone is being charged up each car journey and
will soon be working fully. laurence has his phone with him but we have
great internaet access and probably is the best way of contacting us.

This afternoon was bright and sunny and we relaxed by the indoor and outdoor
pool depending on our changing moods. We are amused to see that the beauty
pageant that was here last year are returning (oh joy but funny). Just
planning movements day by day.

We have a fabulous 8 seater car which is fun!
logging off

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August 03, 2007

Now in Niagra

Latest text from Joëlle, reads as follows:

In Canada now,been to Niagra today. 6 Flags was amazin. Voice goin a bit.We have a suite in new hotel, it's unreal! So big! it's a Ramada. Havin gr8 time. Love u x

Sounds fabulous!

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August 02, 2007

JLGB Camp 2007

camp 2007 Jai and Charls blog.jpg

Yesterday we had a lovely day out visitng Jaimie at camp. This year the camp was held at Danbury Outdoor Centre. The children looked very tanned but very exhausted! We took Charlotte with us and had a great day catching up with our old JLGB friends.

You can see more photographs here

Also an update from Aish NY:

Hello sunny England from the sunny and humid East coat of the USA,

All is great here today. Breakfast as normal was enjoyed at 8.30 with all of the coaches leaving again for the YU campus at 9.30. Thankfully the coaches arrived pretty much on time keeping everyone in the usual high spirits!!

The morning was a fun and interactive, yet still an intensely thought provoking one. All the groups had the same discussions this morning. The two discussions; one for the girls on "All about Eve", the first of a two part series on womens issues tought by our highly entertaining and knowledgeable womens educators; and one for the boys -"Adam and Eve" an interactive look at inter-gender relationships from a Jewish perspective. Finally all the groups had a fascinating discussion on the topic of "Is there a God and what is the difference?"; this is an interactive in-depth analysis of Abrahams journey of discovery some 4000 years ago. It goes through what was unique about Abraham, what he discovered, how he discovered it and how and why it impacted him.

After a sumptuous lunch, all of the groups split off for their action filled activities. The "U" group went to Central park to row and splash around on the famous Central Park lake - a favorite pastime for New Yorkers, The "S" group went to Ellis Island to chill out in the stunning park their and get a close up view of the Statue of Liberty - possibly the worlds most famous statue. The "A" group went to Chelsea Piers for an hour of fun bowling with wagers being thrown towards the biggest talkers on the group - none of whom came in the top 10. Finally the "I" group spent the afternoon and evening at the fantastically fun "Six Flags - Great Adventure" theme park. After their afternoon activities and a couple of hours spent shopping in mid-town (Again!!!) most of the groups regrouped for an evening of fun together at various locations in the city.

Everyone has now returned back safely at the hotel and are tucked up in bed, all looking forward to the next days educational stimulation and Urban adventure!!

Best wishes from the East Coast,

The Aish Crew!!!

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August 01, 2007

Aish NY Update

Hey there,

Hope all is going well back in the UK. Rumour has it that your weather is improving!!

This morning after shaking off the jet-lag cobwebs and a nice breakfast, we all jumped on the buses to the campus of the Yeshiva University in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan. This is a truly unique, world famous institution which combines an extremely high level of further, secular, university education and degrees; with a deep and profound Jewish educational experience. The "I" group's first session was a presentation by Miss Krista Sims. Krista Sims is a very successful Wall Street businesswoman, who is a religious, orthodox, African convert. Her story is entertaining, enlightening and inspiring. This was followed by lunch.

The I group had their very own presentation from Ben Harris after lunch at YU. When this was done, they jumped on their bus down to Chelsea Piers at the other end of Manhattan for an afternoon of bowling fun. I group will be doing Six-Flags tomorrow. Bowling was followed by free-time in Manhattan for the I group and then to bed to recover from another packed day on the East coast.

Hope you are enjoying the weather... How long can it last??!!??

Love from the Aish Crew
(There are some photos but they seem to be from the group that went to Six Flags.)

Jo's text seemed to be more concerned about the shopping bit surprise , surprise:

Hey... is it ok to get myself a watch 2day? its 105 dollars and its what I've been lookin 4 4eva! Lots of tlks 2day then bowlin then shoppin!!! Luve you babes xxx

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