September 15, 2007

School Update and Yomtov 2007

I haven't written since arriving back from holiday and still not uploaded photographs. That is because it was straight back to school. It is exhausting working with the children and remembering that they really can't do anything! They are a sweet class but what with them and my other school duties I have yet to have a break. It is going to be a busy year as I am going skiing (that means a real keep fit drive) and I am again leading the party to the Isle of Wight.

Yomtov was lovely as we were all together as a family. Here are a few photographs. Tomorrow we are off to Leeds to help Carly move into her new house. How can that be a year since we took her up?

yomtov 2007 1.jpg

yomtov again.jpg

with tilly.jpg

alex yomtov 2007.jpg

yomtov 2007 charls.jpg

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