January 22, 2008

I Can Finally Say

I have had my official lettter to say that I have now been promoted at work and been given the position of Head of the Foundation and Early Years Department and have a place on the management team. This means that I oversee the 3 year groups and work closely with the other head of Departments or HOD's. From now on I may be known as The Hof!... working closely with The Hopp and the Hop!

With this brings an element of sadness as I am losing my soulmate, friend and the best colleague you could want. My dear friend May will take up a similar position in another educational establishment. I will miss her dearly because over the last 11 years I have studied, worked, laughed and cried with her. I wish her all the luck in the world and probably will speak to her more!

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January 02, 2008

A Round up of 2007

I am a little bit late with the round up as I usually do it January 1st… but here goes….
My work… well I have quite a lot to say on this but will keep quiet for a little while… lets just say a time of endings and new beginnings… a tough old term as usual in Foundation 2 as 24 boys and 6 girls takes its daily toll.

Laurence is working hard… too hard if you ask me and needs to remember the point of going to work!!! Although, having said that he is always home by 6pm so mustn’t really complain.

Carly is well into her second year at university, having spent a wonderful summer in upstate New York at Camp Monroe. She is delighted to be asked back again. She is staying at home until the end of January as she is completing PE teaching work experience at Woodford County High.

Joëlle is completing her last year of school and achieved 4 A’s in her AS levels. She has applied to Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and Warwick Universities to study Business Management and Marketing…. We are very proud and wish her all the luck in the world. She has also been a bit of a globetrotter this year as she spent time in New York with Aish and is currently still in Israel with Aish. Her plans are to travel with them to South Africa next Summer as well as enjoying a surprise trip to New York with her boyfriend in February..

Jaimie finished her time at Davenant Foundation School on a high. She spent some of the Summer touring the Italian lakes with some 300 pupils and staff to perform nightly concerts with orchestra’s, bands and choirs. We were delighted with her GCSE results and the hard work and effort that she put into studying (which is very difficult when you have ADHD). She has finished her first term at Trinity Catholic High School and taken a shine to photography. She ended the term with some very good grades and a wonderful report (first time for everything)…. Also the headmasters award fro effort and achievement… only 7 given out each year… no need to say how proud we are of all our children.

Nick and Vicky are going from strength to strength as they build up their business and branch into school uniforms and Charlotte and Alex are both a delight to have around.

My mum and dad still enjoy their travels and have planned a lovely cruise this year to celebrate their Golden Wedding ( I am sure there will be more celebrations for this occasion). Laurence’s mother is now 96 and PG will carry on enjoying good health for as long as possible.

I would like to wish all my family, friends and colleagues and happy and healthy 2008.

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