July 30, 2008

Day 1 Conquering Manhattan

After an early start and a wonderful breakfast at the hotel, we decided to drive into Manhattan. With our Sat Nav charged up we took a drive and found a $40 a day parking (which was far cheaper than us all getting the bus and we weren't tied down to times).

A very hot day! The morning was spent relaxing on the boating lake in Central Park (whilst Lol rowed). Wethen walked into Times Square and took the subway to the sea port. We walked over the Brooklyn Bridge (and back again). Taking loads of photos.

We ended up at the Stage Deli for supper and a share of a couple of humongous salt beef sandwiches.

We have arrived back at the hotel Knackered! and are going to crash.

We are still barred from Facebook at the hotel and that means I cannot received wall or messages. I can receive ordinary e-mails. This blog automatically feeds into Facebook.

Oh yes the girls and I have decided to adopt a few people everyday. Today was Louisa the woman that makes the pancakes at breakfast. A jolly New Yorker who looks like she has been plucked from a sitcom. Secondly, Gay man in the park with Bison Frise dog (who showed us the way to the boating lake). Finally, nice Jewish woman on the subway who told us some places to go!

Watch this space for more adoptions!!

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July 28, 2008

Arrived in USA

Hi all, arrived reasonably unscathed into the USA. Immigration was quick and bringing the Sat Nav was a fabulous idea. We are staying at some lovely suites. For some reason the business centre will not allow us onto Facebook! So I may attempt to upload photos at some point I will see how I go. For now I am logging off. xxx

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July 23, 2008

Enjoying being at home and Ursula the sea monster!!

I have enjoyed pottering about for the last two weeks. Spendig some time in work but not too much. I also have enjoyed seeing friends. I now have a lovely neighbour and friend next door. I spent a lovely day in the garden with Melodie and her friends being "A lady who lunches". Thank Mel, here's to many more days together.

I received this text from Carly this morning:

I got the part of Ursula in the Little Mermaid! Can't believe I got a main part. I have a solos! Love u xxxx

Looks like she is recovering and having fun! Here are a couple of photos I found on Monroe Live this morning.

carl 2.jpg

carl 3.jpg

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July 20, 2008

The Wedding

Yesterday Jemma and Simon celebrated their wedding day at St John's in Epping. I was there not only to see them take their vows but to support the Avon House School Choir who performed two songs. Everything was perfect, the bride looked wonderful and the singing was excellent.

Jemma and Simon I wish you all the happiness and love in the world.

This song "I will follow Him" was the final song the children sang. However, I still love this version fron Sister Act and thought I would share it with you as it has a feel good factor to it.

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July 18, 2008

Photos from Monroe

Even though she thinks she looks like elephant man! Lol and I think she looks georgous in these latest photos from the "Stanley Cup" hockey tournament.

carly camp2.jpg


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July 16, 2008

Monroe Update

Poor Carly had a very bad day yesterday and I finally sopke to the camp doctor who told me that Carly had had very severe allergic reactions to the poison ivy and bites. Carly has also had a shitty day for other reasons but hopefully will cheer up soon. I found this picture on the Monroe website showing her enjoying herself.... come on Carly.....

carls tribal.jpg

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July 15, 2008

New from across the pond!

The text message I received today from Carly, goes as follows:-

Not 2worry u but hav just got bak fron a &e my face got humongous. Its poison ivy. Had a shot n am on steroids n antibiotics. I want my mummy

Poor Carly! Hopefully I will be able to speak with her later. Reminds me of that song "Hello Mother, Hello Father"...

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July 12, 2008

Yay! School's Out for Summer

Yay! Finally broken up after a long year. Having worked hard to support two classes and take on my new role as Head of Early Years.

Thursday was filled with all different emotions. At 9am the staff played netball against the parents and then the girls. I can't say that we have the greatest technique, infact we were bit like a St Trinian's team - Gungho! We lost against the parents and let the girls draw. It was great fun.

netball full version 019.jpg

After a hot shower it was time for Leavers assembly. A sad and solemn occasion. All the parents, children and staff were there, getting a bit tearful. Then I got up on stage to show everyone the actions to Build Me Up Buttercup and went flying on my stomach right across the stage, bouncing about 3 times! It certainly lifted the atmosphere as everyone , including the Head were crying with laughter!!

Later that day we had a lovely tea in the hall to celebrate Joyce's retirement. I will be very sorry to see her go - she is a legend!

joyce and Dilip.jpg

Sheila (Principal) Joyce and her husband Dilip

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July 06, 2008

Carly at Camp America

Carly is spending her second summer away in the USA, at Camp Monroe, up in the Catskills.
She appears to be having fun and we were able to download this photo from the Monroe Live page.

Hopefully we will be visiting her in a few weeks time.

carls cm.JPG

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July 05, 2008

Joelle leaves School

I cannot believe Joelle has left Woodford County High. She now awaits the results of her A levels and hopefully will achieve her ambition of going to Leeds Uni to study Business Management and Marketing.


Jo on the way to her Prom

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Book Week

We had a fantastic week at school to celebrate the National Year of Reading. At th end of the week we all dressed up as our favourite book character. Guess who I am?


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Mum and Dad's Golden Wedding

mum and dad.jpg

A big "Mazel-tov" to Mum and Dad who celebrated their Golden Wedding on June 8th. We had a lovely party full of friends and family at the Theydon Bois Village Hall.

golden weeding.jpg

golden wedding 2.jpg

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Jaimie is 17!

Jaimie also celebrated her 17th birthday during this time. How can my baby possible be 17?

She is a budding photographer and we are very proud of her. Good luck with the driving Jai!


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Well Done Joelle

During the time I haven't been updating my blog, Joelle past her driving test. This had not been an easy task for her but we are so proud of the way she persevered. Well done Jo and many hours of happy and safe driving in your car.


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Half term fun

A week after my school trip was May half term. Usually Jaimie and I jaunt off to the Isle of Wight fo three days. Carly had just arrived home from Uni and decided she wanted to come with. Joelle chose to stay at home as she had A levels.


We stayed in a little B & B in Shanklin and enjoyed walking on the beach. We went to a loccal vineyard and a photpgraphy museum for Jaime. We also spent a day in Bembridge with our friend Tracy.


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Update apologies

I cannot really believe that I have not updated my blog since March! This is probably because Facebook has become so popular and it is an easy way to keep in contact. However, I started this blog in 2003 and feel it appropriate to keep it going so I will attempt to update.

Work has been busy but do not really want to write too much about that.

During May I took a party of 42 children on a 5 day trip to the Isle of Wight. Five days of great weather, great company and loads of laughs.

robin hill.jpg

21 beach.jpg

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