August 14, 2008

Yay! Jo!

Very proud 3 A's and off to Leeds Uni

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We arrived home yesterday morning and I am very sad that my camera has gone missing.

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August 10, 2008

Greenwich Village and the Lakes

We still find something different to do each day. Yesterday we found a beautiful National Park with a lake and a beach. Today we wandered about Greenwich Village, eating our way through the market. We endend up at a lovely Italian Restaurant in Little Italy where I ate the house speciality of Vodka Pizza!!

We are trying to catch up with Carls but cannot get hold of her. Thank you Melodie if you are reading this for being a No.1 friend and neighbour.

Oh yes..nearly forgot about recent adoptions... Joe the beach chair boy and the sweet assistant man in Sephora are our latest finds!

We haven't looked at a map yet and are relying totally on Mavis the Sedrate Sat Nav!! She finds us places to go, restaurants,parking lots etc.


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August 07, 2008

Sightseeing and Family Seeing


The last few days have been very very busy. We spent a day in Manhattan walking around, going up the Empire State Building and looking at Times Square at night. Yesterday was spent with family, my mum's cousin Phyllis and her daughter Karyn, whom I have never met. We had a wonderful time together and stayed until after dinner. Although her boys were at camp we managed to see pictures of them on their camp webpage.

Today we went to a really lovely beach in New Jersey.
(I know all images are rather large.. I will adjust them on my return)

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August 05, 2008

Six Flags

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Over the weekend we explored the local area and spent time around the pool. The Sat Nav has been fabulous as it can tell us local restaurants and attractions.

Yesterday we went to Six Flags the big adventure park in New Jersey. It is full of giant rollercoasters,; the best being the old fashioned wooden one. Jaimie and Joelle were brave and and went on most things, I went on the ones that didn't make you sick and Laurence was very brave by going on a runaway train and the water rapid ride!!!

We are by the pool this morning and then this afternoon and evening we are going into the city to see the Empire State Building and walk around 5th Avenue.

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August 02, 2008

Family Harris Re-United - 1 Day only

photos 1.jpg

Probably too big... but I have no editing programme here!

We spent a lovely day at Camp Monroe and about with Carly and her friend Talia. We went around the camp meeting people and saying our thanks to the doctors and nurses who have been looking after her. We then went out to the shopping centre gave the girls a good lunch and had a wander. It was fun being together and after dinner we took them back to camp.

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August 01, 2008

Shopping and Sightseeing

Still very, very, hot here in the high 80's. On Wednesday we went to Jersey Gardens an outlet and tax free shopping mall in New Jersey. Everyone did quite well there; I got work clothes, Lol bought 4 pairs of shoes, Jai got jeans, tops and hats and Jo.... well, if you know Jo........

Today we hit town early and queued up for the long line to go on the Statue of Libery and Ellis Island tour. We really enjoyed it and Jaimie took some fabulous photos. Our round trip took near on 5 hours with stopping, eating and going to the various museums. Driving out of the city was not fun but we have now arrived back at our hotel to find our room flooded!!! Needless to say we have now moved rooms to the executive suite and have a complimentary dinner.

We are going to meet Carly at camp tomorrow... so watch this space.

Oh yeas.. adoptions today... well we are bringing Louisa the pancake maker home for sure and we adopted a Jamaican steel drum player by Battery Park!

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