November 01, 2008

half term and reflecting on life

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Well half term has come and nearly gone. This time I have had two weeks off. Two weeks to be at home and spend time with family and friends and to reflect on the important things in life!!

Firstly, it has been a hard time to see my daddy so ill. I hope now that they have found the problem we can focus on getting him well. We all send positive vibes, thoughts and prayers to him and my lovely mummy.

I am also so very grateful for the friends I have around me supporting me and making me see what is important in life! I laugh so very much with my friends. I am lucky to have had friends for years but I am also lucky to have some new friends, who feel like they have been friends for years. (You know who you are). Our lives were destined to meet.

I am also lucky to have such a loving husband and children around me who put up and support me with everything I undertake. They don't even mind my quirkiness, my hyperactivity, early morning runs and the constant urge to slide down the banisters!! Although Carly and Joelle are away they are always in contact and forever making me laugh (and sometimes cry). Jaimie does not like being at home on her own. But Jaimie... you make a great house bitch and I love you loads.

Well, let's hope the next half term does not take over my life! We come towards the Christmas concerts, parent meeting and report writing!!!

Maybe I will become a school refuser!!

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