December 29, 2008

December update

I have noticed that I have negelcted my blog since October half term so I will attempt an update... to include happenings, thoughts, feelings and ideas!!

Firstly daddy is now undergoing hormone treatment for his prostate cancer and with all the positive attitude from himself and all of us around he seems to be making good progress.

In November the big milestone was Carly's 21st birthday....I cannot believe that 21 years have past. We made a party for her at home, to which she bought 12 student friends who all stayed the night.


Carly, you drive me nuts, but I love you to the moon and back and wish you happiness always.

Joelle turned 19 in December and is now home until the end of January. Jaimie is pleased that her sisters are around for a while.

I have been full of energy...sometimes too much which is now being monitored. I try to expell it by running and going to the gym... but most of the time I drive everyone mad!! I need to find an inner calm!

I did do something a bit radical... I had a tattoo done. This was not a whim it has a spirtual meaning behind it....most of which is private but mainly it is about myself , Laurence and our children who mean a lot to me.

The design is an interlocking Star of David to show that we are entwined. The three girls are on one triangle showing their hebrew initials and Laurence, Nick and I are on the other triangle. The middle of the star reads "mispucha" "family".


I obviously haven't had all good reviews about this but I am happy to have been "inked". It is in a place that will not be seen publicly.

Laurence's mum Toni has been in hospital for a couple of weeks now and remains confused. We think that she will have to go into a home and know this is going to upset her.

We have just had a great Christmas and a houseful of American girls that Carly met at camp.

I am blessed with a loving family and I am also blessed with wonderful friends. As I wrote in October some old freinds who are always there for me and some lovely wonderful new friends of whom I think the world of. (You know who you are) :)

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