September 27, 2009

What happened term..... unpredictable interrupted!!!!!

Not really sure how to start writing this next entry but will try......I should have really taken note of the changing winds! The new term started 8th of September and prior to that I had been in school moving rooms and setting up......

I can't really write what happened, because I have no idea....I just couldn't make it in.......there is so very much I want to very much I want to say...and my writings are private at the moment and will be shared when the time is right.

My feelings are all over the place and my coping strategies need working on. Thank you those around, Lol, Mum, Neil, Carly, Joelle,Jaimie, Melodie, Lorraine, Debra K, Debra D , Hayley,Karen, Alex to name a few...and all the breakfast girls for keeping me sane, making me laugh and giving me strength to believe in myself and what I am about.

I am off work for a while......if you wondered...I miss dreadfully being part of a team...I miss the children...the funny comments and the reward of seeing them learn. The running about...being outside...singing in assembly.....being needed.

I still have loads of energy..and am not sure where to direct it or even how at the moment......

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September 03, 2009

The Changing Winds

Today reminds me of that scene in Mary Poppins when the winds change and she leaves Cherry Tree Lane. Things are changing all around, the children are off to senior school and I wish all of them a fabulous time especially Kai next door. The little ones will be starting Reception and the season is changing. I feel deep down there are big changes in store for me, what they are I am yet to know but will try to look at it as another chapter in my this space!

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