October 05, 2009

Bus, Breakfast, Barkingside and Buddies

I now have been signed off work for four weeks for stress and anxiety. I am trying to overcome fears of going out and am making sure I do. One of the places that gets me out in the morning is a visit to 104, a cafe in Barkingside, where a group of girls meet daily for breakfast, chats and giggles. I am trying at least once a week to get there as the doctor said meeting friends and relaxing is what I need to do. I had decided this particular day to go to Galleons Reach as I really needed to buy some jeans. I felt Galleons Reach a good place to go (despite the disgusting sewage smell there) as I wasn't closed in like I would be if I went to Lakeside. Having told Melodie this in one of our over the fence evening chats, she decided that she would like to come too. However as she does a school run with loads of kids she was unable to fit me in the car.. This then brings the dilemma of having two cars in Barkingside. Feeling that I should set myself a daily task I decided that it would be a good idea if I took the bus to Barkingside and then we could meet at 104 and have only one car.

So at 8.30 am the next morning I set off for Loughton station to get the 167 bus to Barkingside ( by the way have you ever listened to Gladys Knight and Pips singing Midnight Train to Georgia? If you listen carefully in the background they sing "Everythings gonna be in Barkingside!")

Now my dilemma began.....I am on a bus...on my own....I have Tourettes.....and I am going to look like a care in the community patient whilst on this 40minute bus ride! I have two choices......I can tic like a loony....BUS STOP being the favoured tic of that moment and of course every time a bus stop came into view...the tic started!.....Or I could get my ipod out and sing tunelessly along to it, because when I sing I don't tic!........In the end I decided on a bit of both....and kind of kept my face stuck to the window.....looking like a scene from One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest! Still I arrived safe and sound at 104 ready for my cup of tea or even something a little bit stronger.

The morning became a real tonic as we shared banter and schoolgirl humour, as well as some bodily fluids (best not to ask). Only it is all probably lost in translation so will leave it at that! So Mel, Aly, Jo, Lisa, Sherry and Jan...you set me up for a very good day and have asked the doctor this morning if I bottled it up could she give me a weekly prescription of it!

So onto Galleons Reach (Do you think it is called that because it really makes you want to reach when you smell it?). I watched Melodie in jumper heaven and how she could save Mark money by buying the jumpers at these crazy marked down prices! I was comfortable enough to wander off and for the first day since I have been off work did not have that want to go home feeling. Apart from dying for a cup of tea which we managed to get at Fiona's house on the way home....So all in all....what might seem like an ordinary day to most of you....felt like a very good day to me.......It seems to be one step forwards and two backwards....but I figure if I get the one forward I am on to a good thing ......onward and upward xxx

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