December 16, 2009

Feelings, Thoughts and Life!

It's another two months since I have made an entry on this blog. I am still off work and have found it difficult being at home. I feel guilty about not making a substantial financial contribution to the house and feel not needed. It is so very hard going from being a person who is running around like a lunatic to someone with nothing much to do but think and worry.

The Tourette's is much the same and over th last couple of months have had some really down days. However, with some healthy thoughts (and a little help from drugs) am feeling more positive at being at home and coping with the Tourette's. I have found the hardest thing has been for me to introduce myself and explain I have it. I just keep saying "I'm sorry I have Tourette's". My friends tell me I must not apologise but it is something I am not finding easy.

Reading back on the last couple of paragraphs it sounds like doom and gloom. It's not really like that most days that I see friends or family I am able to have a good giggle to set me up.

Exercise also has been an important part of keeping me calmer and I thank Melodie for the morning runs (especially as she HATES every minute of it). However, this week my calf muscle popped as we were out on a run and I am now crutches having physiotherapy. So that has put pay to that for now. Melodie's eyelashes and fingernails will be missing their daily outing! Mel, I love you, you is well nang!

During the last couple of months both Carly and Jaimie have secured their dream jobs; Carly as a secondary school PE teacher and Jaimie as a trainee photographer. Joelle has competed her first term of law and I am very proud of all three of them.

Laurence is always there to fight my fight in many ways and is keen for me to carry on as normal with everything I do.

Of course, 5 months on we all miss daddy very very much. A big gap is missing in our family. I am so very proud of the way mummy has coped. It has not been easy for her but she is a wonderful role model to us all and has bee a rock to me. I love her very much. My brother Neil has been wonderful and is always there for a chat if I need him. Neil, I think we may have grown up and started liking each other! When did that happen?

Writing this blog is quite therapeutic, it makes me look at all the positives in my life. Family, friends and experiences that I really wouldn't want to swap. It has been lovely to spend time with friends and I want all of you to know how much I appreciate you. I find you all a genuine and funny bunch and feel so comfortable around you xxxx

Things planned for next year if possible: a bungee jump, a parachute jump, zorbing and another day at Rope Runners to name a few. Sorry but cinema and theatre are not good options and I found it amusing when my counsellor told me to relax by visiting the library. Ha Ha T.S and a library visit PMSL

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